I am tempted to join one of these sites I used to have a subscription to Badoink VR but these sites seem to have a larger collection, how are they able to give you access to so many sites for one subscription fee? is anyone a member? which site do you recommend? SLR seems a bit too pricey for me…

SLR is my primary sub. I recently subbed to POVR to get a couple more videos not on SLR and to check out their funscripts. The experience as a whole is pretty mid right now. I can only use their funscripts with the Oculus on the shitty Oculus browser, capped at lower resolution. Can’t slide/shift/zoom on Oculus browser it’s just meh.

If you don’t care about funscripts, you can get a much higher resoluton by clicking the ‘download’ link instead of ‘play’, but only on Heresphere or DeoVR. They are working on some script tokens to allow POVR scripts to work with Handy or something like that, but they are not there yet.

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So I can still download them and use the scripts with heresphere? That’s what I was doing with Badonk VR,. i can’t justify spending $39.99 a month for SLR

Unless things have changed you can only download 3 scripts a month, but yes they work in heresphere.

Unlimited script streaming but that doesn’t work in Heresphere.

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You can’t download POVR scripts, no. Only stream. Maybe that will change one day who knows. I’d be fine with the token thing they are trying to work out, as long as I could get better resolution and screen controls.

I see SLR as easily worth two lapdances a month, but value is relative.

Does VRPORN have scripts?