Predict the winner for "The Ultimate Riding Battle" - A new self-made PMV

Hello everybody!

When I was doing the director’s cut for my best of all of my script PMV, I got the desire to work on the Riding Battle-PMV again. I started this video in the beginning of the year, but stopped working on it. Now I only need to get the editing done and the script and then it’s ready to release.

As the title already says, it’s a Riding Battle themed PMV, which I am completely making by myself. I chose 8 models, that will battle against each other. That model, which achieves the first creampie, goes to the next round. This video will come with a full action based script.

Don’t expect anything too crazy with this PMV. I am a beginner, when it comes to video editing and won’t be able to do crazy stuff, like you get to see in the world PMV games. But still, this will be a pretty cool video, with a highly action packed script.

You can now vote, on how do think will win this Riding Battle. If you, the community, chose right, I will script 2 videos of the winner model, after the release of the PMV. You will also be able to vote, which 2 videos you want to see get scripted.

I am working on a release somewhere next week.

Thank you for the votes!




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Thank you for the votes so far!
It’s a very close call at the moment. But you still have some time left to vote.

Work on the script has started and I hope to get it done by tomorrow.
Let’s get more votes in until tomorrow.

Still very close.
Last chance to vote, release later today!

With 27% you guys think NoFaceGirl will win the Ultimate Riding Battle.
Let’s see, if you are right.

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