Problem with Handy 3.0 final and .funscript

The final version of Handy’s firmware 3.0 being available, so I updated my device (the update is available in waves, so if didn’t see it, don’t worry, it is also possible to update updated in manual).

Unfortunately, no funscript seems to work anymore (both those available here, and the officials for example from czechVR …).

When playing a video with a script, I get the following message:

Even the videos on handyfeeling (therefore 100% official) no longer work.

I just sent an email to the contact TheHandy, but in the meantime I also post here if anyone ever has the problem and found a solution.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Does it work with HandyControl, ScriptPlayer, etc… ?

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good to know wont update for a while


So, I just tested HandyControl and it works.


Sounds like a problem with the online funscript conversion

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Well, after a very quick response from TheHandy, SLR app and DeoVR are not yet compatible with firmware 3.0, so it is not advisable to upgrade (or downgrade if already done).

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what are the benefits of firmware 3.0?

Instant seek (FW2 has several seconds delay until it catches up)
BT support

Which version you got? The last one I tested was 3.0.0-rc1 which still had some issues.

probably fw 2

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