Problems with connecting the Kiiroo Pulse "Solo Interactive"


i have the new Kiiroo Pulse “Solo interactive” and i tryed several times connecting it with Intiface Desktop. However i wasnt able to pull it off.

Does anybody has any Experience with that and can help me ?


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Alas Jmainboy… you are not alone. I’ve tried updating initface and nada. The keon syncs no problem but this doesn’t. Buttplug’s website says it works with every kiiroo device, but that was probably meant for ‘before pulse solo interactive’. I think we are just a bit early to the game. tho syncs well and so does pornhub. Doesn’t do me any justice for any of the videos scripts I’ve made and collected tho…tis a waiting game.


Did you have any success in the meanwhile?

Did you try scriptplayer?

I was thinking of buying it, but not sure now :smiley:


i tryed it a few times now and it didnt seem to work a single time. Im no Expert at this but i got so frustrated with this that i refunded mine.

Have a good one

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Hi guys, Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Solo Interactive is fully supported and connects quick and easy in Haptics Connect app now on SLR - I updated the guide with pictures to help show the steps how below

Tbh its one of my fav new products, the vibrations on the underside of your cock are something else - can actually even use it without lube :ok_hand:

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Oh nice :smiley:

you know if it works with scriptplayer?

I guess using normal funscripts will turn on and off the vibrations depending on height?

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