Problems with my current vr setup


I’m using an Oculus go (with DeoVR), xbvr, a kiiro keon and the SLR android app. It was working perfectly until today, but just now it doesn’t work (neither xbvr funscript streaming nor local oculus go videos with funscripts). The SLR app finds and connect with Keon, SLR app also finds the connection with SLR site, but after that the Keon doesn’t move at all inside any video.

Some ideas? Someone with the same problem? Is there any alternative which I can test?

Thank you in advance

just had this same issue deovr and the handy, maybe some server problems?

Try linking it to scriptplayer to test if its an issue with the toy. If it works fine with scriptplayer it may be worth installing an earlier version of the SLR android app on your phone.

I had a similar issue 6 weeks ago similar set up. (launch not keon) and installing the earlier version of the app fixed it for me.

Its version 2.0 and make sure you turn off auto updates on your phone or it will just download the 3.0 version.

Does the SLR app send “Hello” strokes to the device?

Yes, installing version 2.0 fixed the problem, so it seems that it’s an issue with the last version (which was working perfectly until yesterday).

Thank you very much

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