Proposal for new topic (music)

Idk if its possible but it would be nice to have a topic dedicated to music. Specifically, the function of the channel would be to share music that could be used in pmv, hmv, cockhero, etc, or to ID music from a video you link. In terms of sharing I’m not sure if links are a possibility. If not then the name of the music and artist would be another option. Is this possible and is this something people might use? Share your thoughts, or suggestions to add this, maybe this get can get pushed through.

You can start a new topic here #general:off-topic . It has no impact to the rest. Torrents are a no go, but too much piracy here could be a problem some day. The music industry has much more lawyer than the porn industry.

moving to #site-feedback

and I guess you can try it in #general:off-topic, maybe #general for now. If it gets more traction we can spin it off into its own category.

We did add off-topic at user requests a little while ago but it’s not that active

There is a band called Lettuce that has a lot of stuff on YT. Boston based funk with a lot of decent bass lines and switch ups that seem ideal for a PMV. I never got around to learning how to make compilation videos etc., but this was the type of music I was going to use if I ever got around to it

I linked a playlist of their songs off of their Crush Album for anybody interested

Lettuce – Crush Album