PSA: Add a second elastic band to longer Handy sleeves!

So I’ve been generally unimpressed by the Handy Gen 2 Sleeve (preferring the texture/feel of Gen 1 / quickshots). I appreciate of it’s longer length which lets me use most/all of the Handy’s range without worry of slip-off, but find only the ~2" covered by the elastic band which holds the sleeve in place gives a strong sensation.

Rather than let the bottom of the sleeve flop around, I started adding a 1x9" elastic strap (Lubansir had some cheap ones on Amazon US) with a weak-but-present grip at the base…

Wow! I feel the whole sleeve much more now, and the whole thing glides so much better. It’s like having a tight opening of a vagina, in addition to the great feeling the handy provides.

It adds one more step to setup, but honestly lubing up and strapping the sleeve on with the 1" band before getting in to the handy is pretty quick and easy, and it helps keep things going since it acts as a mild cock ring :wink:


Thanks for the tip. I can’t picture how the second strap is connected though, can you explain it or share a photo? I like the Gen 2, but it is either too tight, due to the strap, or it slips out of the strap.

Hopefully this helps! (not 100% to scale as i just slapped shapes on)

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Thanks a bunch, I’ll have to try that out!