Quest 2 without controllers

Please forgive me for starting new topic only because of my question, but this community seemed good to ask and I haven’t found the answer elsewhere.

Purely for purpose of watching VR porn, is it possible and viable to use Quest 2 without controllers (after the initial setup)? I expect to stream most of it from my PC rig, if I figure out the right software, as my collection is mostly AV1 encoded, so unplayable directly as a standalone device. There’s plenty of used headsets without controllers for very attractive price (at US eBay at least), so I was wandering maybe I could cut some corners…

No, its not viable. It may be kinda possible but it really wont be worth it. You also need to workaround how to get it started without them. I know theres a way but really you need controllers. Youll be busy trying to click the right things for hours.