Quest 3 Impressions Thread

I haven’t heard of the deadzone before, but the binocular overlap is what creates the 3D effect in VR. A poor overlap looks like this

I’ve got my Quest 3 and… I’m disappointed. Anyone else experiences those black lines? : OculusQuest (

I’m getting used to it, but it is something I wasn’t expecting from the Quest 3. Not a dealbreaker for me though.

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yup, that’s very similar to what I’m noticing except the outlines are closer to each other, which makes it like a “dead-zone” rather than an outline oval.

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Ahh I get what you are saying now. Do you see it when viewing content? I generally don’t see it outside of the boot screen.

Aftermarket facial interface may also help but hard to say because I’ve never encountered this problem with any headset before.

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I have pico 4.
I use Heresphere, (the Steam version) through Virtual Desktop (geforce 2070 super)…
Anyone upgrade from pico 4 ?
Is it worth to upgrade to quest 3?

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hey guys, Im about to get the quest 3 for my first vr headset, does this guide still work? How to use scripts in VR - picture guide (Heresphere / Whirligig)
and is this still the best way for offline local scripts?

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Yes! Except if you havent bought heresphere yet, its now in the app lab so you can skip all the sidequest stuff and buy direct on your headset.

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thank you! thats pretty neat, do I need something like a virtual desktop? i heard somewhere you need that

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Virtual desktop is entirely optional. Heresphere runs on the headset natively, and you can either load files directly on your headset, or better: share them over the network (SMB).

I’m also going to be posting a guide to setting up XBMC and using DeoVR (also works with Heresphere) which is required for some of the neat stuff from SLR (again, unless you want to load files directly on the headset).

Thank you again! Is the guide you are posting going to cover "share them over the network (SMB) as well,? Looking forward to it

Depends on if you want to run it standalone and care about Meta games.

I was running a RTX 3080 + Pico 4 + Heresphere via VD. I use the Quest 3 now, but it is not that much of an upgrade compared to the Pico 4 visually. The only real benefit is that I use Heresphere directly from the Quest 3 now instead of VD.

I’ll also add that the Quest 3 is phenomenal at playing videos natively. My Quest 2 would lag sometimes during seeking or skipping files, but the Quest 3 is SUPER snappy. I’m likely going to abandon Airlink and run completely native with fileshare over SMB.


SMB file share is not unique to Heresphere - lots of tutorials on getting that setup.

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I just received the Quest 3, its great so far, but there seems to be a dead pixel :frowning:

I just received my Quest 3 a few days ago and I’ve owned a quest 2 for about 1.5 years. As others have mentioned the binocular overlap was noticeable for me at first, but I think my brain is slowly adjusting to it. The vertical FOV seems way better than the quest 2, not sure if that’s just my imagination. Performance and visuals are better as I would expect, but what REALLY stood out for me was the boundary mapping. So quick and easy and the ability to make small changes was great and for anyone playing games that require a standing or room scale, this is huge. It still has trouble remembering previously created boundaries like the quest 2 0 but I don’t care as much because it’s so easy. Can’t wait for Arkham VR and Assassin’s Creed Nexus!

I found the stock strap to be ok, even when playing games like Synthriders or beatsaber, but I will eventually get the BoboVR M3 when it’s back in stock.

I just switched to a Quest 3 and I’ve really been enjoying it. In general, the headset feels so worth the upgrade specifically in these areas: the new screen/lenses, more processing power (faster loading), color passthrough, more storage, and the experience of VR in general just feels more polished.

The upgrade in the new screen/lenses and more processing power are all around my favorite upgrades. The new lenses are awesome because I don’t feel like my vision is constantly blurry in the corners of my vision (forcing me to move my whole head when I want to look around). Now I can simply look around with my eyes. This alone makes the whole VR experience so much more immersive and natural. This not only allows for my VR experience with the Handy to be more sharp and crisp, but it also allows me to play very graphically intensive games with a lot less frame drops and much quicker loading times. Both make me want to be on my headset all the time, so I’m constantly looking for new games to try or experiences to be had.

The color passthrough is really nice for both porn and general VR experience. I really hated having to take my headset off (what felt like) every five minutes when I’d forget something in another room (usually my phone), needed move some things out of the way, or just couldn’t find my link cable on the floor. All of those can be done with the headset on now and you can still access menus and stuff with passthrough on. This means I don’t feel blind when reaching for and trying to reapply lube to my handy. Like, the depth perception in the passthrough is spot on and sometimes tricks me into forgetting I’m still in VR (I know it sounds silly, but that’s how good it is to me).

I’ve noticed the hand tracking feels a lot more polished on the Quest 3. I’m personally not a big fan of hand tracking in general since I like the precision and ease of the controllers, but if you have been wanting an improved hand tracking experience even I could tell a difference in responsiveness right away.

Lastly, I personally opted for the 512GB option of Quest 3 since I had a 256GB Quest 2 and I’ve really been enjoying the upgrade in storage. I was pushing my max storage capacity on the Q2 between video files and quest games, so I’ve been really happy not having to offload and reupload stuff as much.

Although the upgrades are awesome and I easily justified the upgrade to myself, I can definitely understand if the upgrade may not be worth the large price point yet. I was lucky enough to sell off my Quest 2 and use that money to help buy the Quest 3. I personally weighed if each of those new features added up to be worth it, and for me they did. However, it’s hard to say that the upgrade will be worth it for everyone.
There’s no shame in waiting for a holiday sale, waiting for a used headset later on, or putting the Quest 3 on a pay over time payment plan. I’ve also heard that has a 30-day guaranteed return period (don’t quote me, always check for yourself), so you could always try out the headset to see if it’s worth it in person before you commit.


I had the same effect on some videos.

I recently adjusted the visor to be a bit further from my eyes by using the adjustment sliders, just inside the visor along the sides, to the second detent. Mine were set to the closest setting.

No more double vision on any videos.

I’d try using various settings on these sliders and see if that clears it up.


Anybody able to compare this to the Reverb G2? Would it be considered an upgrade just to be able to have edge-to-edge clarity despite the resolution being similar?

I have used a lot of headsets and I currently own the G2, and honestly, it is the best headset on the PC that I have used so far. I wish it was untethered. The cord is such a PITA.

I would say the Q3 provides a slightly better image quality, and it is untethered, so it’s my go-to headset for 95% of what I do.

The edge to edge clarity is a game changer in VR, so it’s really hard to beat.

And now that steam allows game streaming to the quest (I haven’t tested it yet), I believe the G2 will start collecting dust at an accelerated rate.

So, to answer your question, I think it would only be a slight upgrade in image quality for videos. But a HUGE upgrade (since there’s no cord) if the steam game streaming thing lives up to the hype.

Quest 3 is my first proper headset (non-cardboard) and it’s been great! Mostly I use it for gaming and actually have been doing some chores wearing it because the passthrough is actually usable in good lighting conditions.

Of course the performance, quality and everything is a huge improvement over the mobile phone adhoced to PCVR setup I had before in many ways.

Been enjoying a lot of the experiences and sometimes I even use it to have multiple virtual monitors when working. All the sports games in mixed-reality have been a blast and even rhythm games are fun when in VR or mixed-reality.

For funscripts usage it’s also been a huge improvement. Needed to upgrade my router and get an external WiFI-link to my PC to make games and streaming 8K videos via HereSphere work flawlessly but my overall internet speed also doubled so it has been all in all a worthwhile upgrade.

I was very skeptical about VR being anything mainstream until I got the headset but now I can see that when the tech gets better, it can become a way we work or experience entertainment.