Quest 3 passthrough


I am curious to see what it look like the quest 3 passthrough with the new SLR scene. Is there any good quality video of example what its look like?


The best explanation for the Quest 3 passthrough would be: “It’s practically like a Nintendo DSi camera or Nintendo 3DS camera, in the way it handles light and darkness.”

It is better with the depth perception, but not like a really good camera. And yeah it has color, but it’s really not high quality. It does still a good job with the Mixed reality stuff and in comparison to the Quest 2 passthrough, without question better.

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With the proper lighting it’s pretty damn good. I can read my computer screen and…if lighting is really good…even navigate on my cell phone. Worlds better than the quest 2.


I really like the color passthrough, but I feel like the depth is off. The models always seem either too small or too big and I find myself needing to adjust using the horizontal variance setting in DEOVR. Is there a way to fix this? Like, a setting or something somewhere? Would the depth improve in a brighter room? Thanks.

I don’t think there are any software settings for the depth, but you can adjust how far the headset is away from your eyes. This might make a little bit of difference with the right eye to eye distance.