Quest 3 - Unable to play scripts for local files

I use DEOVR and my NAS drive. I have an active SLR and scripts membership.

Previously I had all of my scripts in the ‘interactive’ folder on my Quest 2, obviously all named correctly.

I’ve copied my ‘interactive’ folder over to my Quest 3 but when I play a local file/video, there is no sync with the script.

Is there a setting or set up I need to change to get things to work as they did on the Quest 2?

Yes, there is a bug right now with requesting permissions. There is a workaround for this:

Thanks buddy, obvious now that you’ve pointed it out :wink:

This doesn’t actually work.
The permission options are for ‘FIles and Media’, there is no option for ‘Storage’

Has anyone managed to get funscripts working for offline content?

What you mean? Local? Yeah everything works if you use HereSphere or Pigasus

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Local as in the files are stored locally (on my NAS), rather than streamed from SLR etc.

I’ve managed to fix it. I use DEOVR for my SLR sub and local files.

Ah okay yeah that was what I meant. Worked like a charm on all the other apps. DeoVR fucked up their permissions and other shit.

i cant get this working either.
is it a bug?

Quest 3 kernel updated the permissions for folders and other things which is why things that didn’t update beforehand or that have a strange setup dont work if they dont update it. It’s a bit of a problem in every single instance e.g. Beat Saber Mods currently also does not work because of that (well not BMBF). Not sure if DeoVR has problems with that and I would guess they should have already updated it cause in their case it’s pretty easy.

Got it working, in the local file list it was a symbol up in the right corner. After clicking it asked for permission. When approved the symbol went away. And all is working great again


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