Quest 3 where to store the funscripts

Hi, does anybody know where to store the funscript files in the quest 3?
There is no interactive folder anymore…
Any help would be immensely appreciated

Does it let you create a new folder and call it interactive?

not even a week old and this already happens :smiley: that’s why i’m staying loyal to Pico :smiley:

Yes it does…just dont seem to work.

It seems to work when I place the "interactive"folder inside the Android folder…instead of the root of the Quest 3

To be fair, the issue is more of a case of us learning how to use the new device for our niche hobby and not a design flaw.

My initial reaction having had mine for all of a day is that the screen quality is great, and it is much more responsive.

The pass through cameras are good but still a little fuzzy.

The strap it comes with is fucking awful and meant I couldnt really use it until my third party strap arrived a few hours ago. Of course this was the same with the quest 2 so at least i knew it was a fixable problem.

not working for me…Nvm, I got it to work, its just like the quest 2, create "Interactive folder in the root folder, but go in deovr and give deovr access to your quest 3 files or w/e. To give access, go to your local files in deovr, check the upper right corner, there should be some sort of icon, click that and give it access.

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