Question about Notifications

Under my notifications it shows several that say “Complete” but there is no script and they are closed for comments. I guess at this point no one created the script for the request and the “complete” only means it’s closed???

Example: Gia Paige Step Sis Caught POV

Thanks all!

It’s right there, the topics in script request automatically close after 3 months:

“This topic was automatically closed after 91 days. New replies are no longer allowed.”

So YES I guess “Completed” only means it’s closed…NOT necessarily with OR without a script…

I was asking if “complete” meant that the request for someone to do a script was complete and now there is a script.


If the request is fulfilled with the script the topic should be solved with a mark like this: .

If the topic was closed and has only mark like this :lock: it’s most likely without the script.

If the topic has both and :lock: then it has the script and is closed because it’s too old for new replies.

You can also sort topic in request sections by solved (that has scripts) and unsolved (that don’t).

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Well now that I know how it’s done here it makes sense now. Thanks for explaining it…I still wish there was script for the one video :frowning_face: :grin:

Thanks again!

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