Quickshot-Handy Adapter

I prefer using my quick shot, but I didn’t like how it sat in the strap, I would shift on me and has popped off in the middle of use. But I did what any person with a 3D printer would do… I printed one. But, I am lazy, so I modified @Abdulis adapter for the full size Fleshlight. Mega with STL files and a link to @Abdulis adapter.

let me know what you guys think.


If you don’t have access to a 3D printer or are just cheap like me, I have a primitive but very effective solution:

I use the Quick Shot sleeve with my Handy by placing 12 or so cheap rubber bands around case. I’ve never had the case shift even the slightest while using, even for multiple hour sessions. The rubber bands eventually wear down and snap but I just replace them. A bag of rubber bands is only a few bucks.

I’ve always taken the QS completely out of the case and attached to the Handy with the typical stretch velcro straps. I can’t really use the QS with the plastic ring/case due to it being a little too narrow for me. I find this also holds the QS a ton better and never have an issue with it falling out.


Well shit… I didn’t even think about taking it out the case. I might have to give that a try.

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I tried printing the Abdulis adapter once, and I found it rattling to much to be worth the effort of using.

Handy and QS without the case is my go to setup. Also find the case uncomfortable.

Nice work :clap:

Did it work out alright?

I do agree with others that the case can be a bit awkward and even potentially dangerous- i.e long stroke and you are pulled out yet still in reach for a whack…ouch…

On the other hand, if stroke controlled and you know what your doing etc. Case plus connector plus second quickshot…thats a good length…tough still a bit too tight etc… yeh I think the gen2 can be better for use and ease of clean up after…

I am now looking at the tenga flip zero… seems like a good choice and cool design… a handy community member recently asked if i could design a miunt for it and i did… more in the handy discord under customisations thread…

Anyhow, well done on making this!

Thanks for the feedback - Was the handy rattling or the adapter? Maybe the print wasn’t as accurate as it needed to be? Im happy to revise if needs be :slight_smile:

I use it without the case, the quickshot has some edges which the strap simply wont slide over

The velcro holder in my Handy is slightly higher than the printed adapter, so had room to move up and down, and made a clacking sound every time it quickly changed direction. (Which happens a lot.)
Attempting to re-scale it myself was causing issues with the rest of the parts…

With the new Handy Pro velcro, I don’t really require the holder anymore, but thanks for offering.

Ahh that explains it… i think you had a older print of the adaptor that was like 47.5mm with it should have been 50mm but was meant to be used with the little snugger clip in that was to also help with the band when used.

If you ever have such a issue in 3d printing again, its not re-sizing by scale per say thats needed… you would need to split or copy the object, raise as needed, say 2mm in this case, the merge the objects to make it the right height…

Yes the pro strap based or the trilancer strap is good. I really like how responsive the handy team are to community user suggestion like this trilancer strap, the 90° power adaptor, the smallrig magic arm for desktop handsfree and some others…great product, great company, great community!