Qweer review on syncbot

There have already been several good reviews here, and I see no point in describing the technical capabilities of this device again. So I’ll just write about my impressions.

First of all I would like to thank @Syncbot_support, syncbot and its delivery were free for me.

Yesterday I picked up the parcel and when I opened it my first impression was wow, еhe device is packed in an excellent black suitcase and looks very solid. You can even walk down the street with this, and no one will suspect what’s inside. Everything inside is also well packed.

It was also easy to assemble syncbot and install the necessary program, after which I added several videos for which I had not yet made scripts. I wouldn’t call the script that AI created perfectly accurate, but it works quite well, and for those who don’t have the opportunity to write scripts themselves it will be an excellent solution.

I also converted a few of my scripts and it was great, besides the synchronized up and down movements the 2 extra axes give a cool feel. Before this, I only had experience using single-axis devices, and syncbot is a new experience for me.

If you are thinking about purchasing and have questions, you can ask them here or in a private message.

I will soon convert my scripts for syncbot and add them to my posts, and also add a personal promotional code, if you want to support my work and buy yourself a syncbot, you can use it


Thanks for sharing your review!

Hmm, but would you pay $500 for it? It’s easy to write a good review when you take value out of the equation…

This is my main problem with a lot of the reviews. I want one but not for that much.

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I own one, and I do not think it’s worth the price tag currently. With manual scripts coming out, I may feel differently, but it runs the lines of too much of a good thing and feeling heavy-handed. Imo, it relies too much on the twisting action, and I become distractedly numbed out to the sensation after a few minutes. I may feel this way as I’m a bit too long for it, so I have to physically hold the device away from my body which is also ultra distracting. There’s not been many times in my life where I’ve purchased something for 5x more than the thing I was using before and decided that the cheaper thing was better. That said, I don’t think it’s a bad device. I’m very impressed with the quality and what it can do, but for the money I spent, I think I would have rather went down the OSR2/SR6 route or a Tantaly torso or something.