R18 downloader?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to download my R18 video collection for a while now, so I can sync it up with the handy. I think I’ve now tried all of the most common downloaders mentioned on this cite, with no success. The only method thats worked so far is the r18 downloader on StreamFab, but the trial version is restricted to just 3 videos, and I’m reluctant to pay the whopping £100+ for the paid version.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

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If you use Chrome, Video DownloadHelper should do the trick. Find it in the Chrome Webstore: Chrome Web Store


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yes, and use chrome, not firefox

Ah, I just tried it, and it looked like it worked ^^ A little odd; the chrome extension was the first one I tried, and I’m sure it gave me an error previously (for r18 videos at least). Well thats good news - thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Any Idea how to download it with IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

i use video download helper to pull em off of chrome, simple easy, the icon looks like 3 balloons i think. and ive never tried using IDM sorry

another good downloader ive had good success with is cococut video downloader - CocoCut - Chrome Web Store

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