As the title says, R18 is shutting down in January if not earlier. Anyone who has videos there dl them now cause soon they will be no longer accessible.
Also, does ANYONE have an alternative? I’m sick of finding awesome JAV videos here only to discover that r18 is the only platform with it. Could really use some help with a few videos.
Anywho just thought I’d get that out there so no one has a big surprise and lose a ton of moneys worth of videos.


Appreciate the update. Knew their “you can’t purchase items now” would collapse them…. Ugh… all I can say is, happy sailing

i very rarely used it tbh but damn, R18 has TONS of jav vr porn goodness, where will all that go? sell it to SLR lol

edit: i was gunna purchase this scene from them KMVR-268 - Japanese Adult Movies - R18.com

now that i cant :frowning: if anybody owns it already maybe send it my way :slight_smile:

would appreciate if anyone can get the hitomi tanaka vr videos she has made. Maninly the ones that are on realsync

I use https://www.afesta.tv/en_vr/. The site is DREADFULLY slow to load, even with a Japanese VPN, but they have a crapload of VR stuff. I think they also have a non-VR site but I only buy their VR stuff. Luckily the videos are served from a different server and download fast. However, they tend to have all the stuff that R18 has.

As a warning, last time I tried the payment portal was dead and I had to use their weird point system.

Ah, I thought it was just me :smiley: I tried to buy a video there and only got a DB error, so I just moved on.
Also they have some of the studios that R18 had but definitely not all.

Are the videos DRM-free there?

You get to download the video files so no DRM of that kind. As to whether they add some kind of account-specific signature on the files, I have no idea.

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  • dmm.co.jp is the only good alternative to R18

  • Jav-It by jav-it (itch.io) (downloader / reencoder for r18 and dmm.co.jp videos to have them as drm free video files.- BUT you need to buy the itch version to get the patreon link to BUY it there again to get it working with dmm.co.jp afaik. It was quite a while back when I tested this. Also VR downloads on dmm don’t seem to be supported (yet?) maybe it’s better if you contact the dev first if you have any questions. Personally for me it’s not an comfortable solution…

  • in my book, if I’ve bought something on r18 or dmm, I should be allowed to get it DRM free for personal use from other sources like one click hosters or torrent. (don’t use torrent without VPN though) which is exactly what I do in order to play the videos with scripts, as most stuff (especially VR) does need their own player on r18 or dmm (thanks to DRM) which makes it rather impossible to use it with scripts. You could also play scripts manually, sure, but that’s not really a good solution at all.

I don’t know if it’s possible to just write an app which is getting the timecode from the DRM players out of their memory somehow and then forward it to ScriptPlayer / MultiFunPlayer.

That’s basically the whole problem about JAV(VR) with scripts.

Also you can buy DMM points with PayPal on dmm.co.jp to get the stuff you want.

or if anybody can grab it me anyway i’ll send you payment for it via crypto or paypal

I don’t know if it’s allowed to speak about non official sites on this forum, if so, I apologize.

I often go to nyaa.si to download JAV (in the “FAP” section). They don’t have everything, but there are a lot of videos, it’s a torrent website, it’s very messy, there are no categories/search tags, you can only search movies by name, and most of the time they are in Japanese (but most of the time, the video SKU is in the title), so it’s not always easy to find what the video you want…

Anyone know of good alternatives to R18 since it’s shutting down?

Oh man, that sucks.
Anyway to download purchased videos to pc? I have some vr gems, that i wouldn’t want to lose.

Please, use the search function next time:

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Nice there are lots of videos that I thought were only on R18 but is here as well. DRM FREE! (that’s why i never bought from R18… cuz of the DRM)

They don’t have any of the HUNVR, HHH group stuff though =( still need a source for that… dmm has them but only japan region… (does dmm has drm?)

Yes, though like R18 you can get a DRM-free HLS stream, except that it’s a bit harder to find on DMM and their server seems to fail quite often when serving it.

Hi, is there another website like R18.com? Thank you.

After i downloaded the files from R18 how do i play it on Quest 2 ? will the files be only playable on desktop with their player ?

@hktmc300 I haven’t found another site but other users have pointed out there is torrent sites and some big p2p sites that use paid download services.

@3cmbick the files are only playable using their player. If you use something like jdownloader extension for chrome/firefox you can get it in MP4 and use any player to watch.

thanks is jdownloader safe ? i emailed R18 they said that even if i download it… after they close down i wont be able to play the downloaded files because the R player wont authenticate it… that sucks i have like 48 VR movies… think i will try the jdownloader route

Ive been using it since I was suggested it by another user on this site. No issues and works great! Just not on youtube if you use chrome.