Random Video Player v1.41 (Can sync with MFP)

Totally understandable but awesome to hear, that it works now!

It makes me happy if it makes you happy :slight_smile:

New version v1.34 released!

Another smol update, fxing a bug reported by user @DarkkSkull

  • Image/Video filter now applies to custom lists

It didn’t previously. This only affects playback, it does not alter the list itself.

Get the latest release here:

Thanks again for the feedback!

Note: You only need the latest RandomVideoPlayer.exe & RandomVideoPlayer.dll from the .zip. Just replace your current ones with the latest. All settings are stored locally in the “RVP-Config.json” file.

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Confirmed working!!! :pray: :ok_hand:

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New update 1.40 released! It’s a bigger version jump since I’ve added a lot of good stuff!

Completely new settings UI that doesn’t look ass:

Settings are now categorized and more descriptions are added within the settings tab itself.

All new filter system, that let’s you choose definitve extensions instead of the simplified “image/video files” from before. You can now choose where to apply the filter.

All new Hotkey manager system. It let’s you customize most of the used hotkeys to your personal likings. It allows for most keyboard keys and combinations with the default modifiers.

Within the about page, you can now check whether a newer version of RVP is available! (No update function, RVP only checks for an update when clicking the button)

Revamped the Listbrowser a bit by adding filters below. Depending on the chosen extensions, only files that match are shown in the browser. Also only those that match are added to the custom list.

I’ve also created icons for each file type and added a corresponding function to show each file as their corresponding type. This helps with visual clarity when browsing through files. Still not 100% happy with the current layout but I’m always happy for suggestions!

Thanks a lot for all the feedback so far! More often than not, you provided helpful additions I didn’t think before and pushed me to improve on RVP. I’m always happy to hear from you, so again thanks!

As always, grab the latest version from my GitHub page: Release v1.40 - Random Video Player · Peanutccino/Random-Video-Player · GitHub

Note: You only need the latest RandomVideoPlayer.exe & RandomVideoPlayer.dll from the .zip. Just replace your current ones with the latest. All settings are stored locally in the “RVP-Config.json” file.

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Looks absolutely amazing! A Huge improvement! :pray: :pray: :pray:
Thx ALOT for the Custom Input Settings!!! :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

What means “Recent count number” in Remember settings?
Can u add a Folder List view too? So we could switch between Grid and List view? :pray:

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In the Folderbrowser, you can set up, that it only grabs the recent X files from the chosen folder. (Which I think is cool, if you want to scrobble newer stuff).

Both the option to only use recent files and how many of the recent files are the settings you can check to remember.

Could you elaborate? Do you mean, the same visual representation in the Folderbrowser like it’s now in the Listbrowser?

Thanks for the feedback <3

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Like this or in Windows “Detail View and Big Symbols” :wink:

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New update 1.41 release!


  • UI overhaul for Folderbrowser
  • UI overhaul for Listbrowser
  • Custom interface for Load/Save list option in Listbrowser

New features:

  • Change appearance of Listbrowser explorer
  • Ability to change item size in Folderbrowser and Listbrowser when set to “Tile” view (default)

Smaller update with some final (for now) UI changes. As the complexity, especially Listbrowser features increased, the old UI got more and more in the way of providing a clean user interaction. I wasn’t 100% happy with the old one to begin with, but I’ve finally settled on a new approach.

As a user requested, I’ve added the ability to change the view of the explorer list on the left. Additionally I’ve added some customization for the list appearance. This and the addition of extension filters from previously made it necessary to overhaul the UI. I’m pretty happy with the current state and I think it’s pretty clean and understandable. Though I’m always happy to hear feedback!

To complete the change, I’ve implemented my own load/save list dialogue for the sake of UI consistency and some neat features like seeing how many entries are in a list etc.

The folderbrowser was fine imo but I’ve changed it too, to match the new listbrowser style.

Finally a small video I’ve recorded to quickly go over some listbrowser usage:

Full ListBrowser Showcase Trimmed

For now that should be last update for some time, as I have no pending requests or ideas. Time for some code optimization I guess :slight_smile: