Realjamvr Interactive?

Before I ask this, I know that a surprising amount of Realjamvr videos end up on SLR, which is awesome. But I still wanted to give Realjamvr a try

Is there no way to download the interactive scripts on realjamvr? And if not, what is the best way to stream the interactive vids with the Handy? The Heresphere API thing doesn’t work as far as I can tell… I gotta be missing something…

I sent them an email about this back in May when i was having the same issue (using quest 2). This is the response they gave me. I guess they still havent fixed it:


Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into this issue and add the ability to download scripts soon.

RealJamVR Support Team

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In May… damn

I just tried it and I could download the script.
You have to click on interactive, connect your handy using the key.
A panel will open up with the handy settings, and in the bottom left there is a “Download Script” button/

Are their scripts AI generated or human made?

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