RealJamVR: Scripts have an expiration date?

Hey community,

I’ve purchased a membership at RealJamVR a few days ago because I like some of their videos. I tried to stream the videos using DeoVR, but I was not able to connect The Handy. It seems that DeoVR needs a SLR premium membership to use it. So I downloaded both the videos and the scripts I’m interested to and put them into my XBVR. It worked well… for one day.

After one day, the scripts where not working anymore. I had to re-download them and rename them and re-import them into XBVR. It seems the scripts have an expiration date (or doesn’t even contain the real script). That’s really annoying because I really don’t want to download them again and again every day… Do you know any solution for that? Is there a workaround or a more comfortable solution? How are “offline” devices like the Kiiroon working here?

Are the other sites using the same mechanic? If yes, then all the premium memberships are not an real option to me and I’m preffering buying the scripts here or on SLR without membership…


That’s correct. NA does the same. You didn’t download the script, but just a 24 hours token. It’s funscript DRM and shouldnt be supported.


Okay, what a bummer. If I had known that beforehand, I would never have bought the membership…

Do you know how it is handled for WankzVR, POVR and SLR?

SLR scripts are regular funscripts with no expiry but you can onl download 3 a month of the handcrafted and 3 a month of the A.I. ones. Or buy the scripts individually.

Last time I checked POVR and Wankz are streaming only. They did promise downloads but then backtracked on that last year.

BadoinkVR are regular funscripts no download limits.

FYI i belive DeoVR can be used once you have bought 1 script from them so you can purchase an individual script for a few bucks and get the usage.

Yeah, their timeout is 24 hours. Cancelled my sub over it. Would be great if they had a forum so users can raise these kind of issues as IMO support typically does not care. Or at the very least, the Handy team should tell them they are shooting themselves in the foot with such a restrictive policy. Should be their job as a technology partner, but I digress :slight_smile:

The POVR site does not utilize funscripts. You can really only use them whilst online (unless you want to mess around with offline script players) and their quality IMO, is quite low.

BaDoink’s scripts are the only studfio provided scripts I’d actually bother with.


Thanks for the hint about DeoVR :+1::blush: That’s really helpful.

Yeah, it would be helpful to know such things in beforehand. Without XBVR the only way to stream videos from RealJamVR with scripts is to buy some script on SLR to activate Handy-Support in DeoVR… How could they not mention that somewhere on their side. That is almost fraud.

So I think BaDoinkVR is the way to go then.

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@handyAlexander Hey Alexander, Is there any way you can reach out to their management team as they are losing revenue with their policy? Us end users don’t seem to have mach reach on that site (no forum). I reached out to support two weeks ago, and they said it was for piracy prevention and auto-closed the ticket without opportunity for further discourse. As you should know, their concern around piracy is technically inaccurate as piracy is not possible with your solution as scripts are tied to the device via your backend; it actually almost meets the technical definition for an MFA solution. (I thought you could change the key on your handy previously, but when my handy died a couple weeks back, I had no means to reuse my old key and had to download everything from your site to get back up on the replacement)

To compound the issue, they license their vids to SLR and POVR, so for the users here and likely everywhere, there is no point to sub to them apart from gaining access to their script library, which to me, means they’ve killed that revenue stream entirely. (SaaS operator of 20 years here)

Anyway, just hoping some sense can be talked into them like NA, at least in terms of the timeout.

Maybe something will happen and they at least try to get them to up the time limit to 30 days, but I wouldn’t count on that. On another Discord and another community we also found some pretty easy ways to still get the complete scripts (just need to be a little creative and need some additional time for playback and recreating through video) so the piracy argument is really only for paying customers (cause they make things worse for paying customers).

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Good luck trying to get handy to say anything, they are the ones who implemented the (DRM) token scripts. They say it’s a way to stop piracy but, IMHO, it’s another way for them to make money. The company that sells the handy, Ohdoki, or whatever they are calling themselves this week, is not anything like it was several years ago.

Yes, totally agree. I will follow up and make them change this.

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Hi. We change it on our backend that scripts does not expiration date by default.
NB! The expiration date can be set by anyone that uses the script API. It does not seems like RealJam is setting the expiration date when they issue scripts, so this should now work forever.


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