Recommend a Handy coming from a Launch and SR6?

Hello everyone. I went from a Launch (the original version from like 2-3 years ago) to an SR6 last October (2021). The SR6 is an amazing machine! That said, I went on a bit of a hiatus over the last 6 months, and I just discovered that I improperly stored by SR6 and I’ll need to replace quite a few bits of plastic to get it functioning again. On top of that, I had some stripped screws around the servos and such, so even when it was functional things were starting to loosen up. Given this, I’m considering my options… I know one day I’ll get the SR6 back into an operable state (I LOVE the multi-axis stuff); however, one of the things that was super nice about the Launch was how convenient it was to just pull out and use… The SR6 was a bit more “work,” so I’m thinking about getting a Handy. It seems a lot like the Launch to me, is extremely highly reviewed, and has a stroke length and max speed closer to the SR6. Given the state of my SR6, I busted out the good ol’ Launch over the past few days, and that short stroke length is drastically noticeable coming from the SR6. The lower maximum speed is also pretty noticeable. Given my experience with the SR6 do you all think the Handy would be a good “quick fix” for me? I know very little about the Handy, but I do notice its compatibility is massive. I’m not concerned about the multi-axis stuff with this decision, it just seems like a quick and easy $200 to get back in the game while I putz with the SR6. I just wanted some feedback to make sure I’m not over looking anything, or that I will regret dropping the cash.

Thank you all in advance!

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I had the same experience as you after some parts on my sr6 degraded. I ended up getting the handy and have decided overall that I prefer it over the other available items that are used with funscripts due to the ease of use and storage.The only thing missing is the handsfree arm that may be released in Dec and depending on your sleeves they may not be compatible for use with the handy.

Thanks for the input! I was hoping for a reply just like this… I didn’t have a hands free setup for my Launch, but I managed to figure out how to prop it up just right with pillows and stuff that it worked half way descent. It looks like the Handy is a bit smaller, so probably a new learning curve. Are you referring to a Launch hands free, or a Handy hands free that was launched in Dec? I don’t see anything on the Handy site about a hands free option, so just making sure I’m interpreting what you said correctly.

Not a handy owner; but given that you already have an SR6 and are planning to fix it at some point, I would just go to the hardware store and replace those screws.
For the price of the handy you can get a reasonable 3d printer and a roll of fillament and just print yourself those replacement parts. Who knows, owning a 3d printer might be the start of a new hobby.


Honestly if you have the funds, pick up a Handy anyway. The convenience to store and use is well, very convenient lol but still fix the SR6 too

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Pretty much why I recommend OSR2+ over the SR6. Less cost and complexity and easier to maintain. Once you find a good set of servos, it’s a great balance between cost, reliability, performance, etc.

Also want to mention that there are steps that can be taken during assembly of either the OSR or SR6 to make them more reliable. Use of loctite, threaded inserts, hardened screws (not stainless steel), and proper sized allen wrench for the servo screws makes a HUGE difference in longevity.


I started with the original Launch and I also did the ‘rest the Launch on some pillows’ hands free technique. I now own The Handy and that’s not an option for hands free use. The Handy is much lighter than the Launch, but more powerful. The device won’t sit still it has to be held, either with your hands or fastened to a stationary object. There’s a thread here with everyone’s different solutions to this problem:

My Launch’s bluetooth died after six months, got a refund and bought The Handy in the summer of 2020. 30 months later it still works well and I’ve only oiled it twice, no other maintenance. It does struggle with the weight of a full sized Fleshlight, though. I had to mod the FL case and sleeve to reduce the weight. Quickshot sleeve is great on the Handy.

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For handsfree use of OSR2/SR6 I came up with this solution:

Setup is easy: combine clamp with plank, throw on bed/couch, connect power. Once done throw everything back in the closet.
While fixing your SR6 you can connect vin on your ESP32 to 5v, so you don’t need to connect USB anymore for power. You can then use it wirelessly with the alternative firmware which takes seconds to install.


Upgrade your launch with custom firmware before buying the handy, I done mine and i don’t use handy anymore ,just because launch is so convenient and effortless to use and after upgrade fast as handy.

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what servos do you use, the noise is my biggest gripe for the osr/sr6?

Hitec 945sw. Smoothest and quietest (under load) I’ve tested. Still wouldn’t call jet quiet or silent. If silence is priority then OSR or SR6 is def not for you though. Good headphones or earbuds work wonders.


@anon63474100 Oh wow! That looks really cool, thank you for linking to that. The servos I landed on were the AGFRC B53DHS 24KG servos. I did a lot of research before buying them, and I can’t remember the exact details that led me to those, but I do remember is was a combination of performance and availability. I wanted to get something that I could get pretty quick, so that did limit my options a bit, but I was very happy with them.

@Bounce I have definitely considered getting a 3D printer, it sounds like a wonderful hobby that I would really enjoy. At this point I have too much going on in my life to pick up a new hobby, but a 3D printer is definitely on my list when things calm down. Also, the stripping of the screws is at the plastic side, not the screws themselves, which is another reason I need new plastics. Also, thank you for the advice about mounting the SR6, as well as the wireless option. I’ve read up on the wireless options a bit, but haven’t really had the need… but I may investigate that further and I rebuild.

@Cloudyfire Thank you, I completely agree with you! The price of the Handy isn’t really a consideration for me, and I really like the option of having both the Handy and the SR6… Just like having a set of GS skis and a set of powder skis - each have their purpose!

@g90ak I bought a pre-built unit, so I didn’t have that level of control. I’m glad I did it that way so I could enjoy the unit out-of-the box; however, I did end up having to replace the servos, so now that I’ve opened the thing up I know a bit about how it’s put together. Given I will have a handy, I may take this opportunity to rebuild it myself - whether that be from buying my own printer or getting plastic from someone, I agree with your advise about loctite and threaded inserts 100%.

@AntiHeroJoe Thank you! I also stumbled across that mic stand mount option and was intrigued by it. I’m glad to hear the Handy has been reliable for you.

@pyyn0 Hmm never knew about the firmware upgrade on the Launch. Maybe I’ll try that, too!

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