Recommend Vr Goggles

Hi there, apologize if this is the hundredth post about this.

I’ve got the Vive Cosmos currently and was thinking about switching to something newer.
In my current goggles thing get sort of “double vision-e” when the action gets close up.
Just wondering if anyone can recommend newer goggles that work better in VR scenes.

Best regards!

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As far as I am aware, that’s just part of VR regardless of headset. Good camera placement and intentional movement solves this, but it’s especially bad in older scenes.

In any case, I’d recommend waiting until the fall for the Quest 3 to drop. It SHOULD be the best thing around in terms of quality and I suspect it will also drive down the cost of alternatives even if you don’t want that particular device.

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Maybe try using Heresphere with the autofocus feature and see if that helps?

There is a free demo for PC

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I use Heresphere. Didn’t know about a autofocus feature. I’ll look for it, thanks!

appreciate the info!

Quest pro are the best

Cheaper version Quest 3 is coming soon

anyone have any idea on how to prevent data collection from meta?

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I’m afraid to say that if you’re not willing to accept that they’ll be collecting your data, you shouldn’t buy Meta hardware. You can reduce the effects by going through some effort, but ultimately they control the full hardware+software stack, and they are a data collection company, so there’s only so much you can do.

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I mean, sure, even games on Quest that track you and certain other apps I wont mention in this topic and forum, but it’s surely a lot less than just having an open door. If you want to 100% block Meta data, then you surely don’t use your friends WiFi, dont have friends with Facebook/Instagram/Quest/WhatsApp etc. yes? Otherwise that should be enough.

It is possible to set up a separate wireless network that doesn’t have internet access and connect the Quest to it.

Then it should be unable to phone home.

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