Reliable alternatives to Gumroad?

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask you if you know a viable and reliable alternative to Gumroad. Recently I’ve been having a lot of problems with them, delayed payouts specially, but the worst happened this last weekend, when PayPal blocked their payouts for more than 5000 creators. I’ve got two weeks worth of scripts sales frozen so I’m pretty bummed out and stopped publishing scripts entirely.

I like Gumroad, and I know people here trust them enough to buy our scripts from them, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to receive payouts for the people who cannot receive them in anything else than PayPal. I’m still going to wait if they can sort things out with PayPal, but I need to look for an alternative in case they are no longer a viable option (for me at least)

I’ve been looking into alternatives to Gumroad and it seems Lemon Squeezy has good reputation and feedback overall.

Do you think people would trust buying scripts from Lemon Squeezy? Do you know of other good alternatives?

Thanks in advance!

I never had problems with gumroad. But I follow simple rules:

  • Don’t show nude irl stuff
  • Mark products as adult content
  • Don’t post illegal links
  • Don’t use paypal.

Last point. Just read the paypal policy:


  • Patreon
  • Realsync
  • Sexlikereal
  • Building a own point system like erome
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Yes, I know about their policy, that’s why I don’t enable direct PayPal transactions when buying my scripts. But the only way that Gumroad can pay me on a weekly basis is through PayPal. I know that they can make money transfer to banks in the US and specific countries but mine is not supported. I’m also careful in how I upload the scripts to Gumroad (in fact I follow the guidelines that you posted some time ago).

Anyway, this is not a problem with my account or with what I personally sell but rather a widespread issue. There are people who sell stuff completely unrelated to adult-oriented material who haven’t received their payouts.

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What about realsync? you could get payout in crypto.

I’d rather not get involved with crypto, I don’t understand it. But more importantly, Realsync reduces the audience you can get to. I mean, I couldn’t even buy some scripts that I wanted from other scripters because I don’t live in the US and I don’t have access to Google Pay. The only workaround was to contact Realsync to buy a gift card but then the whole process of buying a script becomes slow and bothersome. And it’s very common to see comments on those threads of people complaining that they cannot buy from Realsync and asking the sellers if they could sell through Gumroad.

I hope Gumroad and PayPal can get things sorted. From the alternatives that mADsCRIPTS mention, the only alternative would be Patreon. Although income numbers would plummet, I guess.


I‘ve seen some people using Ko-Fi.