Remove vocals/voices from videos

Anyone know of any good software to remove vocals/voices from videos, and just keep instrumentals? Primarily for PMVs

Thanks in advance

Spleeter can work pretty well, though the last time I tried to compile it I didn’t have so much luck. There are a few online services that use it and it’s also built into various software (iZotope, VirtualDJ, etc.) so they may be a better bet.

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this requires a gpu. You might need to install python, CUDA, and pytorch. I forgot, if you need help let me know.

But this is free and automatic. It will split the instruments and stuff and the vocals all to separate files, then youd have to use some audio editor like audacity to put them back together without the audio you want. Which would mean you drag and drop the files into the editor stack them on the timeline and export.


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