Removing sections of a script easily

Hey guys, I am not very good at scripting, I have not spent a lot of time meticulously getting each stroke pattern just right. However, I still like to script with the programs I have access too that involve finding a beat pattern or a video that is stable enough to use the script generators available. It’s lazy scripting and I enjoy it, but one problem I have with a lot of the scripts I make is there will be opening sounds to a video that are not meant to be scripted and I would like to be able to upload a script into a program, highlight a section of a script and delete it from the rest. Are there any easy to use tools out there where I can do this easily? I appreciate any help in advance. Thanks.

Just open the script with OpenFunscripter - another scripting tool - 1.1.9 release and find the patterns you want to get rid of and delete them.

Just left click on a point, press delete and it’s gone. Use arrow keys (up forward, down backward) to move faster through the script.

Or mark more points by holding ctrl and left click on the points and then press delete.

Script editors I use are OpenFunScripter and JoyFunScripter. Highlight and either reduce levels or delete then save. Very quick and easy.

Wow, this is a super great program, thank you. I may actually enjoy scripting better now lol. Is it possible to lower the stokes to half easily? Typically the scripts I make go all the way up and down and I know the launch cannot handle that well when going fast.

Sure you can. Check under options → keys → actions.
Numpad keys from one 0 - 9 for strokes.

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I will try to limit my questions, and it seems the program is very self explanatory, but I am able to highlight all of the top line points, am I able to move them all down at the same time or does that need to be done manually?

Don’t worry, you can ask as much as you want ^^

I checked and from what I see, you have to make it manually. There is a way under select → select all → top points only. But you can still only change one point at a time.


Nevermind, I found how you can do it.
select → select all → top points only → shift + arrow keys up or down

Same for button points, but instead button points only.


If you are changing all the points by the same amount what I do is copy the section I want to change and paste it into a blank script.
Then run that script (which is just the section you want changed) through fun expander. (For your example you would run a top point expansion of -50).
Then open the newly expanded section, I like to do a quick scan to make sure nothing broke, and you can paste it back into your original script.

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I learned today there is a much easier way to do this, you can just highlight the section you want to change, then select top points (or bottom points) only, then just hold shift and use the up and down arrows to shift all the points.

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