RenPY hundreds of interactive sex games, if some one can mod the engin?

So the site f95zone has hundreds of thousands of sex games, and I would say most of them are made in the renPY program to make novels where you have to make decisions to make the outcome of the game play out in different ways. i see so many scrips made for videos from games from that site on here, and how come no one has made a mod for the RenPY to make it able to play back scrips? So we just can play the games and feel it at the same time! im sure there would be thousands of novel game makers that would jump on this as they are many making money from Patreon, and this would open up for so many new people to there games. So my big question is do anyone know if it’s possible to mod the RenPY engin to enable scripts and add in script player?


I know very little about renpy but I belive its backbone is python.

doubt modding would be an option but… If anyone was making or editing a game they might be able to include the buttplug-py code…

The code those games use to do anything varies wildly. Scene changes, animations, image loading, etc. All done differently in each game. Some games are relatively well organized with many source files and functions. Some are basically one giant script file with barely any structure at all.

It’s conceivable to create a plugin of sorts that would allow toy access to any Ren’Py game, but each game would have to be explicitly coded to use it. It would not be possible to add something that would automatically make toys responsive to existing games.


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