Replacing ESP 32

So the mini usb connector on the ESP32 board that came with my OSR2 has come off the board. I had been having connection issues for a while and it finally gave up. I bought this chip

When I connect it, it doesnt show up as TCodeESP32Setup in the wifi like the origional did, it shows up as ESP-32and some other letters. And when I try to navigate to it times out and wont connect. i have tried the flash tool, and that times out as well.

My question is how do I install that chip? or do I need to buy a new chip from where I bought the OSR2 in the first place? thanks in advance

Here is the link to my WIP manual so you can flash the Tcode to the ESP23

HMU is you have questions.

oh hey, thanks! I did return that one, and bought this one flashed right away, same pins and everything is good now. Thanks

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