Require/encourage heatmaps for script posts

Suggestion: When posting scripts, require or strongly encourage a heatmap by adding an explicit heatmap part to the post template.

It is not hard to generate one using for example and I bet many of us need the heatmap to see if the script will float our boat.

Best of all would of course be if a heatmap was generated automatically by eroscripts but of course that is a lot more to ask for.

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I updated the template to have an explicit heatmap section. we’ll see if that encourages more people to include them or not


actually, is there any good #howto on creating heatmaps? I could link it in the template but I can’t find anything

I just click the save heatmap button in openfunscripter or is this something else and i’m dumb.


I created a little #howto: How to generate a funscript heatmap

I think pushing it onto the uploader might be the wrong way to go about it.

I’ve recently gotten to enjoy just making the scripts, but so far I have 5 or 6 completed scripts waiting to be uploaded, because I honestly just find it kind of a hassle to upload.

The funscript is already uploaded to eroscripts’s servers. Couldn’t it just automatically generate a preview?

The hardest part is to create your first post. Onve you are happy with the result you can just copy it into a new post and replace the title/photo/script and you are done.

Noone here tries to force anything on uploaders, if you don’t want to put heatmaps you don’t have to.

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@kinetics thanks, I’ve linked to it in the templates

@Halipa I definitely don’t want the templates to be too cumbersome. A lot of the new topic template isn’t strictly required, though I would guess you’d get a lot more engagement if you do fill most of it out.

just look at this recent script lol


I just like to keep it all at a minimum, ez to see where what is. script / link / heatmap and maybe a few screenshots


@hugecat awesome, thanks!

I was thinking: maybe it would be easier for new people if the script template was initally filled with all the information, so people would just have to replace it? Like Lenght: 0:00, Link: xxx etc.

You could move all the explanations to howto post with a link on top of the template. It might be confusing for newcomers or people with only a basic computer knowledge to see all this extra text that don’t appear in the preview.

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