Reverse request format feedback

I’m curious what you guys think about the reverse request format I’m doing from time to time. Basically I’m talking about the Number + Link combo, example here:

Is it fair to you? Maybe you have ideas how it can be made more interactive for you, something that can increase your chance to win based on your response, rather than blind fate itself.

Please keep the discussion about the format itself, not studio choices. Thanks.


I think the format is good for those participating. The only person who doesn’t benefit is yourself, as you dont get to pick the ones you script based on your own preference.

By making it purely chance you don’t have to worry about people being upset when they don’t win or trying to game the system.

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This format is very good. Perhaps you should indicate some criteria for videos that you were more interested in writing.

I also have a suggestion for @hugecat, such posts are lost among many others, and a separate category would help to find it. I already described it here

@quiffed1 I was thinking about making it 2 links + number so I always have a little room to choose the one scene I like more.

@qweer I know, but I kinda like doing it in the script requests section as it benefits users who are active (it has trust level 2 requirement). Maybe we could rename the “polls” into “polls / contests” tho.

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I completely agree with what @quiffed1 said, esp the part about how the real downside falls on your option to choose yourself (your response sounds perfect! to give you back room to make your own preferences, since you are anyways being the single handedly generous one in all of this to do any and all of this work in the first place. you making it democratic is a luxury provided to the participants anyways haha. even something like setting up a mini poll within the reverse request post to have us vote between YOUR top few choices as one of the ultimate winning vids? that could be an idea, keep your preference center while keeping some interactivity. hell, feel free to just pick whichever you want to script!! haha :slight_smile: )

I think the reverse requests are great particularly because of the way you theme them by studio. i like the way it encourages a little bit of exploration into the catalogue to maybe find a personal favorite star having a video with the studio that you may not have known about, while still being graciously provided with a script for whichever vid it may be within that same theme/studio. so even if it isn’t someone’s individual vid, it still feels like winning a prize close by imo.

also wanted to take the time to reiterate what a lot of people have been mentioning recently, super thankful for all of the hard work you share so willingly and very sorry for frustration you end up having to put up with. whatever you choose in the future, absolutely love what you’ve done thus far, thanks so much :slight_smile:

You’re the one doing the scripting! Doesn’t matter if its fair :slight_smile:

I personally would prefer you picking which vids you’re passionate about. You’re a treasure - last thing we need is for you to get burnt out on scripting stuff you don’t like.

I do like eye candy, so maybe allowing 1 screenshot per request could be fun and interactive as entrants could be forced to pick the best image to represent their clip.

It would also be awesome if you got delete rights to your request threads - so if entrants don’t follow the instructions, you could simply nuke their post.

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The problem is that some people have problem with following a single rule (adding a link from the chosen studio). Still, adding some extra requirements (type of girl or some tags) might be a good idea, will think about it.

Polls are a little weird if you want to keep the original post for more requests, and they extend the choosing process by the poll time, plus you have to bump the topic from time to time for people to notice it.

I can ignore the people who don’t follow the rules (as I used to). The problem is that it’s only visible to me, so others can misinterpret the rules because of some individuals. I can technically edit the posts by myself, never thought of it and it sounds like a good idea to me.

The screenshots are a good idea - if I add some extra rules regarding the pornstars I can quickly verify if they are followed.

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I like the format, but as others have said you might want to add more specific criteria to find things you’d enjoy scripting. Overall the format does feel less greedy than asking for someone to script a scene which is nice, while still getting to put some input into what’s getting done.

(I’d wager that some of the non-winners might help other folks looking for something to script too)

i don’t think there’s enough of these types of posts to warrant another category. That said, I feel like #general or #poll (though it’s not exactly the same) might get some more traction?

but honestly, husky got quite a few replies regardless

To summarize:

  • the current format is ok - random number, random winner
  • I could increase the amount of links to 2 or 3 and choose one I like the most to give myself some freedom when it comes to decision
  • I could post a few examples of pornstars I like, to decrease the amount of links that do not interest me
  • I could edit comments that do not follow the rules to something like: “Please read the rules and change your comment” instead of ignoring people
  • people could post screenshots in addition to the links.

Things to consider:

  • polls with links I like the most. I’m still a little hesistant to that idea as it makes the whole process longer,
  • making the contests in #general for wider audience. The downside might be people who create extra accounts as it’s open to everyone. On the other hand making it in #script-requests still gets a bunch of participants depending on the studio,
  • pornstars related reverse requests??? On the other hand it can be hard to obtain certain videos behind paywall.

Just thinking out loud. If anyone has more ideas you are welcome to comment.