🏗️[Review] FunSR1 In Action: Beats the Handy?

Overall would this be a good first device?
I’m on the fence right now between one of these, an OSR2 or a handy. Each one for their different reasons

Handy: only reason that I want a handy is to test the scripts that I make on what is probably the most popular commercially available devices. There is more that turns me off about the handy such as the style of sleeve, firmware limitations, and having to be connected to the internet to use it. I spend a lot of time away from home and often no internet.

OSR2+: Overall I feel like this is going to be the way to go. I’m just worried about how loud it is. But the multi axis movement, ability to do slow movements, the stroke length and DIY nature of it are all enticing.

FunSr1: Fair price and super quiet… but no multi axis. It also wouldn’t be able to test my scripts for performance on the handy.


If you’re the kind of person who likes tinkering with hardware or software and being able to fix or upgrade stuff yourself - the OSR2+ is a great way to go. With upgraded servos, the noise is very reasonable (not to mention performance is greatly improved as well). The OSR2+ also has a ton of tuning options, including random axis movement to add flavor to single axis scripts, as well as speed and movement limiting. MFP even allows you to choose different smoothing algorithms to tune it’s behavior to suit your preferences.

If you’re more of a consumer that wants something that works out of the box and has a company that can help with repairs and tech support, go with the Handy. I had my shell crack a little bit (performance wasn’t affected at all), and decided to hit up tech support. Exchanged a few emails, and they sent a new device to me quickly. Amazing experience with them. Having opened up the device, it is pretty darn simple, and I think that the company has a good materials to profit ratio. This is good for the company’s longevity and ability to provide continued support. I always get worried when I see production stuff with seemingly small margins. Often times those companies will not be around very long. Also, A TON of us had Handys as our first devices and have had great experiences. For me, it really was the gateway toy into this whole wonderful world.

If you want something that is super quiet and don’t mind getting a product that may be in alpha/beta state, then the SSR1 could be a good option. It’s design is the newest of the 3 and is still being iterated on and improved by Tempest.

These are all my personal opinions! Sex/masturbation is such a personal activity, so don’t get too discouraged that there isn’t clear black/white guidance on what toy would be best for you.

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Actually, many people have doubts about how to choose an interactive toy.
Here’s my take on it: Currently, the SR6, OSR2, and SR1 are all handmade crafts and not strictly commercial products. However, they are based on T-CODE (which is truly a great invention) and can provide a better experience in many aspects for users who have a spirit of exploration. But the prerequisite is that you have this exploratory spirit and some personal time.

For ordinary users (who think that anything will do and just want to try it out), HANDY is the best choice because it is a mature product (any product that can sell tens of thousands of units will not be particularly bad in all aspects; it may not be excellent, but it certainly won’t be bad). It can ensure your basic experience and has a lower usage threshold.


The FunSR1 just arrived and it’s an excellent upgrade from my handy. It can handle huge onaholes and fleshlights without a problem plus it’s quieter overall.

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For starters I do love tinkering, fixing, upgrading! Sounds like that makes the OSR2+ a good option in itself. I’ve been playing with MFP quite a bit already just to see the I/O options… I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to convert T-code to midi.
Right now I’m wanting to work any idea like this into my scripting workflow MidiKey2Key AKAI APCmini LED Tutorial (youtube.com)

Overall, the OSR2+ with quiet servos seem like the best option. I’m probably going to experiment with virt-a-mate also.

It’s still a few months before I can buy. I’ll be trying to get one of your amazing looking builds most likely.


I love my Handy, but eventually I plan on upgrading to something else. Unfortunately I’m not able to upgrade at the moment. However, I’ll still be very happy with my Handy when that time becomes available to me.

I’ve been following the conversation over here about the Nimblestroker and using its connectivity module with funscripts. I’m very interested in using the Nimblestroker in tandem with a stroking device synced with each other via MultiFunPlayer. The initial post reports that the Handy worked well but not great. The results seem to suggest that just a slightly more powerful device would be a match made in heaven. I’m curious to see whether the multi-axis OSR2+ or the single-axis FunSR1 perform best in tandem with the Nimblestroker. My gut is telling me that the simplicity of a single axis device will be a better partner for a milking machine.

Bought one of these based on the thread - It stopped working almost immediately. Opened it up and it looks as if the belt that drives everything snapped. Is that a replaceable part or do I need to seek a refund from the manufacturer?

The part should be replaceable, but since you’ve bought from them - contact their customer service for a replacement unit.

Has anyone been able to get theirs to pair to faptap using a a mobile device? I’m using chrome on Android and can’t get the connection to work. I can see FunOSR on my Bluetooth devices but the connection never completes.

I’d contact them on the Discord. They are pretty good about responding.

(post deleted by author)

Bluetooth is implemented through a serial port, so you just need to complete the pairing. You can find detailed tutorials on Discord.

I’m very sorry to hear this. I have contacted you already. Rest assured, I will help you resolve this issue.

Hello there.

May I ask what firmware the handy was on when you take your comparison?

Did you know how the sr1 is compatible to a meta quest2/3 VR headset due to the lack of WiFi? Can it be used with VR any way?

Curios about getting a Handy 1.1 with Firmware3 and step up to fw4 as soon it becomes available.
But I also thinking about osr2 but its a bit pricey. SR1 seems like a good option in contrast to the handy but I struggle some how about ease of use and connectivity (use of VR Headset)


I don’t have a VR to know the details. You won’t be able to connect it like the Handy - via a device key or smth. However it can definitely be used with MultiFunPlayer and XTPlayer which works with a few VR apps.

Thanks for your reply.
So it was an uptodate handy and still the problems show in the video.

Oh thank you, so VR is not impossible but maybe more complicated.