Review of Kiiroo PowerBlow -- First Use

I purchased a PowerBlow a few weeks ago (while it was backordered), and it recently arrived. I finally got a chance to try it out, below is my review…

My setup:

  • Kiiroo Keon
  • Kiiroo PowerBlow
  • New FeelStars (in this case – Tanya Tate)
  • FeelConnect app (latest version) on iPhone
  • Subscription to
  • Meta Quest 2

The Instructions:
The instructions can be found at the link below, and a printed copy arrives with the device.

When the toy is first connected to the FeelConnect app, there is a calibration process. So, I suggest being ready to use the toy and to calibrate it. I skipped that step, and was not prompted to do it again. I will later try removing the device and re-adding it to see whether this prompts the calibration process again.

Pages 7-8 show how to disassemble the case and how to reassemble it afterward. Step 3 in the printed instructions is different in that the ring which was removed in step 1 is shown as being installed after the sleeve is inserted. I followed the printed instructions, and the result was a too-tight opening of the sleeve and a generally unsatisfactory experience. I will need to give it another try later with the sleeve inserted after the ring is installed.

On page 17, the instructions direct that in FeelConnect, the PowerBlow and Keon need to both be connected to the app, and the Keon should control the PowerBlow. I followed these instructions for my test.

I spent a while trying to figure out what to do with the filter that was included with the PowerBlow. Page 22 of the instructions show how it is to be installed. The filter that was loose in the box was a replacement.

The Results – What I Liked:
With the Keon controlling the PowerBlow, it definitely added to the sensory input during oral scenes. The PowerBlow was also activated during other parts of the scene, and it gave the sensation of kegel exercises. So, it was definitely fun. My hope is that as I get more familiar with the device, my experience will continue to improve.

The fact that the Keon controls the PowerBlow through the FeelConnect app means I can use the PowerBlow immediately and don’t need to necessarily wait for someone to write specific scripts for it.

I am happy with my purchase and expect my opinion will get even better as I get more familiar with the technology.

The Results – What I Didn’t Like As Much:
The PowerBlow is not quiet. I usually use noise-isolating headphones, it may be a good idea to use noise-cancelling headphones. (I’ll try this out and update the thread.)

Since I was using the FeelConnect app, I connected to POVR through the Meta Quest Browser and connected the browser to the FeelConnect app on my phone. I have two main complaints about the FeelConnect app. First, if I don’t remember to pause the video before exiting it, the script will continue to play – even though there is no video. (I do not have this issue with Haptics Connect and SLR.) Second, the POVR scripts sometimes feel like they are out-of-sync. (But then again, it is possible that the sync issue is some less-than-stellar scripts. I did not experience any sync issues this time around.)

The fact that the printed instructions showed the sleeve being inserted before the ring was re-installed made the experience very unpleasant. I’m statistically average for both length and girth. Simple insertion was difficult with the FeelStars in this configuration. Also, my new Tanya Tate sleeve now has an impression of the ring on its top. I am hoping the impression will fade over time.

Lubrication is a potential challenge. Ordinarily, I leave the cap off of the end of the FeelStars case, and when additional lube is needed mid-session, I simply add some from the top. However, with the PowerBlow installed, this is not an option. Add in that I am very concerned about over-lubricating and causing lubricant to get pulled into the PowerBlow, I was hesitant to use lubricant as liberally as I normally would. It will take some time to figure out the right amount of lubrication that won’t damage the PowerBlow.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the FeelConnect app with my local XBVR media server. I have purchased a lot of scripts for scenes that aren’t available on POVR or VirtualRealPorn, and I would like to use them with the Keon and PowerBlow.

I’m hoping this information is useful to some of you. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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I tried the PowerBlow with the sleeve correctly inserted into the case. That made a huge difference.

There are still issues with lubrication that I will need to figure out. As I stated above, I usually just add lubricant through the top of the sleeve; however, I cannot do that with the PowerBlow installed.

This time I watched the Leana Lovings scene “Lovings at First Sight” on POVR. At about 26:57, she says, “Can you feel my pussy flex?” which made the realism provided by the PowerBlow even more exciting.

I do need to figure out how to calibrate the PowerBlow. At the end of the scene in question, when the actor creampies her, the pressure from the PowerBlow was intense to the point of being uncomfortable.

Using the noise-canceling headphones definitely helped to block the noise of the air pump/fan in the PowerBlow. There are also times when the pressure and the thrusting mismatch. For example, if there is plenty of air in the sleeve and the toy thrust down, air is expelled from the front of the toy. These sounds are distracting, and the noise cancelling headphones help.

I am assuming that the scripts are not written specifically for the PowerBlow, and that the FeelConnect app is making its best guesses as to what to do at a particular moment. I cannot say that the decisions are wrong as I suspect it would be difficult to tell when an actress is performing kegels during a scene. Regardless, the changes in pressure add new sensations to the experience, and those new sensations generally enhance the experience (as long as the noises are successfully blocked out).

So, the PowerBlow is definitely a fun accessory, and I am happy with my purchase.

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Hey @porn223 - thats a great detailed review of your experiences so far with the PowerBlow, thanks for sharing for those who may also be curious!

Great to hear you had an overall good experience with the Feelstars Tanya Tate sleeve

I personally enjoyed and would recommend getting the Victoria June Mouth → FeelVictoria Collection ǀ Kiiroo (affiliate linked) as the wide opening/entry should minimize any air exiting sounds (plus it feels the best of the ones I’ve tried, even better than many of the fleshlights out there)

Im surprised you initially had the ring placed after the sleeve was inserted rather than before, as that would definitely make for a less ideal experience

For those wondering what @porn223 was refering to specifically about the ring:
Here’s an image of the proper way to install your sleeve and powerblow:

As for lubrication - you can still lubricate from the top by twisting off the powerblow

There is indeed potential to get lube sucked up if lube is sitting higher up and there is alot of it, but the supplied foam ring should still absorb most of any lube that gets caught there (just remember to twist that inner cap to access the foam ring and clean and dry it if lube ever gets up there

Its still a good idea to add only minimal amount of lube as needed up there or lube from the bottom or with a syringe to be more safe)

Consider getting a lube syringes, like any one of these, to keep your hands clean during reapplication →

Any content out there currently for the powerblow likely is not fine tuned yet for action specific timed performance (something we’re working on) but the additional sensation should be a nice experience which Im glad to hear you are having!

Alternatively you can also increase of decrease constant suction with the up/down arrows directly on the device to fine tune tightness/suction any time you wish, or cycle through the many random presets to add a little extra new variety to the experience

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely check out the syringes. I’m embarrassed to have forgotten that the arrows on the side can be used to adjust the pressure.

As for the issue with the ring, here is a pic of the printed manual. In the printed manual, it appears that the ring goes on after the sleeve is inserted. Hence why I had the problem.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I would recommend against removing the PowerBlow mid-session. The Kiiroo Keon uses a twist-lock to hold the case in place, and it is very easy to unlock the case with a counterclockwise turn. I gave up on long ago on adjusting the cap (to modify air pressure) because it was too easy to unlock the case from the Keon, which ruined the experience. I expect removing the PowerBlow would be even worse since attaching/removing the PowerBlow requires more torque than does loosening and tightening the cap. (In my opinion, the airflow/airpressure feature of the cap is useless while also using the Keon.)

Oh dear - yes you’re right - that manual shows it incorrectly installed

I am no longer surprised that you simply followed the picture in the printed guide which is indeed incorrect (good thing they updated the online version now at least)

Good point about trying to unscrew the PowerBlow while still connected in the Keon
It would help though to have wet wipes around, so you can easily grip twist the Keon back on if ever it comes undone

I got this a few weeks ago and been reluctant to use it because I have a much bigger than normal penis size (girth, length, diameter, etc.) with a major upward curve and it causes tremendous pain to use the powerblow all the way screwed down with the front ring that goes inside the case in. I think that is really what’s causing the pain is that ring that goes over the sleeve inside the case because I tried it last night with just that ring and no cap or Powerblow on and it was the same painful sensation I experienced the time before. So, is it still worth using without that ring and can you use it like a normal cap where you can adjust the suction and tightness or is there no point to it without the Powerblow being all the way screwed down? I can’t even use a regular Kiiroo or Fleshlight cap like that without major painful sensations.

mine is constantly on, the display is not lit, how to be on the button does not respond does anyone know how to disassemble it to turn off the battery

Any tips on removing the inner ring of the feel stroker case? It seems like a really tight fit and i’m afraid i’m going to break it when taking it out. I’m having a hard time telling where i should grip to pull it out. Mine looks like it may have even been installed backward (the outside facing part of the ring has a series of columns squished between the interior and exterior height of the ring, and the area facing into teh stroker feels smooth)

The inner ring is a tighter fit, so you will need to apply more force to pull it out (make sure you have dry hands and just grip the case firmly with one hand, and pull the ring outwards with your 3 fingers under the ring, the way you would pull a handbrake or carry plastic bags of groceries, with your stronger hand)

Dont worry too much about breaking it if you think you are pulling too hard, since its really strong hard plastic and it can withstand quite a bit of force, and the more often you remove it, the more easier it becomes to take it off and put it back on

It may look like its backwards but that is actually the correct direction - it wont fit any other way and there is never any skin contact with that ring so dont worry about the texture or pattern in that case

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Actually those written instructions are about as clear as one can get. Its assuming that you are installing the attachment to an already set up stroker. Also, the arrows next to each graphic also simplify the order of operations.

Thank you for the quick reply! Popped right out.

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Yes, be prepared, the battery is soldered, there is no connector!

The PowerBlow is terrible even though I am a distributor of Kiiroo…I won’t suggest my customer to buy it.