Review of the Hot Octopuss : Pulse Solo Interactive

Hello eroscript fans !


I first saw the Pulse Solo Interactive in September 2022. This ‘technological jewel’ boasted that it could deliver orgasms without hands. It left me dreaming. Doubtful too, because this promise is rarely kept… but mostly dreamy.

I received an email today telling me that from the May 1st, Hot Octopuss will be running a 50% discount (coupon code MMAY50)… So I decided to publish here the review I wrote earlier.
Main reason is that this sextoy is the best I ever have (since September, I never missed a week without using it, bringing it with me when I’m on business trip). Sincerly, I think that any people with a penis should try it once to see if he’s receptive to oscillation.

Disclosure information : Hot Octopuss provided me the Pulse Solo Interactive free of charge at the beginning of October. However, in return, I offered them an impartial and honest review of this product. And in the review you’ll be able to click on in the end of the post, there is an affiliate link.

If you’ve ever heard of a Guybrator, chances are it was the Pulse. In fact, that’s what this sextoy is called. I’m going to be blunt and spoil the end of this review, but in my opinion, anyone with a penis should buy this toy, because it’s so good.

It’s a penis vibrator. No matter what your age, penis size or whether your penis is flaccid or not (if you have erection problems), the Pulse is a great ally. There’s no question of it being suitable for everyone, or at least a very large majority of people.

The ‘Interactive’ version of the Pulse is linked to the integration of the ‘connectivity’ part of the Kiiroo toys. In other words, if you’re already familiar with FeelConnect, you can use the toy with it. If not, just tell yourself that they’ve made it possible to control the toy via an application, and to share control of it too. Either to a third party or to a website/application.

The idea is that, depending on scripts associated with videos, the Pulse will vibrate with a certain force and for a certain length of time.

To make a long story short, here’s a summary of the toy:


  • Orgasms without hands
  • Can be used flaccid
  • Frenulum stimulation
  • Compact, easy to slip into your suitcase.
  • Completely waterproof
  • Very easy to wash
  • Connectivity / Can be paired with other toys

Negative points

  • No battery charge indicator
  • Battery life (approx. one hour maximum)
  • Inconsistent colours when charging
  • Some loss of connection

If you’d like to read more, the full review is on my blog.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions :slight_smile: