Rigid vesa monitor stand?

I’ve got an SR6 which I’ve mounted to a VESA monitor stand. The problem is, the mount itself can rotate to allow the “monitor” to turn 90 degrees if you want a vertical configuration, and there’s no way to tighten or fix this axis of rotation.

Has anyone found a good VESA mount that’s extremely/perfectly rigid? I can’t seem to find one on Amazon, and having my SR6 rotate while I’m using it is extremely annoying.

I have used this one for years. I mount it upside down on the edge of a desk and clamp it to the desk with small vices.

Articulation & Height Adjustment - Adjustable bracket offers +15° to -15° tilt, 90° swivel, 360° rotation

Specifically looking for one that either allows you to lock this rotation, or ideally, doesn’t have it to begin with.

I have a very similar VIVO mount already which keep rotating my SR6 when I use it.

I tightened up the bolts and it doesn’t move during play at all. It takes a good deal of force to tilt it so when I’m playing and I want to make a small adjustment, it’s no problem to grab the body of the SR6 and force it up or down a couple of degrees. It just stays in whatever position I set it to.
I also shim up the gaps between the metal bracket on the SR6 and the recieving plate on the stand with zip ties. I just wedge a couple of them in between the bracket and the plate. I then use a plastic washer between the thumb screw on the mount to make it have no gap between the plate and the bracket. That all adds up to a mount that does not move during play.

Is there a bolt for this rotation axis? This is the one I’m having trouble with. Perhaps yours is better, but if there’s no bolt, then I’ll have to keep looking.


There is no bolt, but that axis is really rigid on mine. I’ve had two of these and both were really stiff on that axis. Just get another one and send it back if it’s loose at all.