[RJ01112545][Dieselmine] ロリキョニュー星人に攫われて逆レされるお話 EDI Integration(mod only)


This is a new game from Dieselmine that was released a while back.
It’s a short game where you try to avoid the big tits and get back to Earth.

filler function.
It gets faster as the enemy’s temptation increases.

Pressing the ‘TAB’ key will toggle the filler on/off.
(At first you have to press it twice, for some reason).

It doesn’t matter if you skip lines quickly.
However, it does not support animation acceleration.

game mod file (not include full game)

Once again, 99dm is here to help.
Thank you.


As expected, another great work!

Script EX)


Wow thank you so much for doing this. I can’t wait to check it out!

I have tried installing it now but have run into the following issues though:

  • When Edi Launcher opens I can’t get handy to show up. It’s in bluetooth mode. I’ve tried doing it with interface desktop server running but this doesn’t see to do anything.

  • When I run the game now, the sound appears to lag quite a bit. Unsure what the cause of this could be.

full save :
file1.txt (21.1 KB)

change the extension to .rpgsave


bluetooth need intiface

I just get an error that it failed to load som bgm? even without the mod, anyone know why this is?

Firstly, thank you so much for this! I absolutely love this community.

Secondly, to fix the errors you need to extract it in Japanese encoding:

Hope this helps. :pray:


Thanks for the reply! I will try that as soon as I am on my pc :slight_smile:

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the script doesnt play for me, if the same enemy is encountered twice on the first floors :thinking:

Fixed it!

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interface desktop server running

I experienced this when I first bought the game from dlsite, even when launching with Applocale. You need a japanese language pack for windows before you extract the game otherwise it will extract a bunch of gibberish. Go to settings, Date and Time, and then add language. Hope this helps!