[RJ223473] Fairy Brainwashing Factory 妖精洗脳改造ファクトリー2


I also included edi for the test.
Both the funscript player and Edi work normally

full game download


But HOW do we start the game??

Start the “妖精洗脳改造ファクトリー2.html” with your browser.

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Need to refresh browser anytime i switch scene.
What browser is best?

I recommend Chrome
But I’ve never seen that bug before
What browser did you use?

Firefox has the bug. Worked fine with chrome.

@vylon Will u make this one Handy compatible too?

Kemo Futa Sennou Kaizouki


Its from monoxide.jp the makers of Fairy Brainwashing Factory (Sprite Brainwash Factory)

It has a very similar vibe like Fairy Brainwashing Factory

The code is already done with the edi version. haha
I’m working on another video right now, so I’ve stopped it for a while.

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Whoa!!! How can i make it work with the Handy?
thank you!

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