[RJ276629] CFNM: Girl-sama's Forced Shikoshiko Orders!


This is a findom onasapo game created by ベノムギフト(Venom Gift)

There are 4 difficulty levels: Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Hell.

Hard difficulty is unlocked by clearing the previous difficulty.

It doesn’t change the content, it just changes the playing time.

play tip:
Press the escape button to pay and return to the default speed.
The middle button is for ejaculation and the right is for the penis gauge.
Press and hold the ejaculate button to end the game.

The script is located in the venomgift folder inside funscriptplayer, choose between fast and slow.

Run funscriptplayer, enable handy bluetooth mode and check the player for a connection message.
Run the game, and if you get a script stop message right after entering the mode, you’re good to go.


mod file


Is there an english/subtitle mod for this?