[RJ435434]エージェントミライ~極限アクメ機械姦調教 2.1v - edi


Actually, I made a mode by myself during the 1.0 version
At that time, I didn’t have enough script skills, so I only enjoyed it personally.
I am sharing the 2.1 version mode because it is a satisfactory result.
recommend using the script in wifi mode.

If you want to play the 3.0 English version of the game, download it on dlsite.
And you copy the “kag.tag_ext.js” file from this game and overwrite the 3.0 version of the game, edi will work.

full game with mode download


This works flawlessly, scripts are great and good sync. Nicely done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:

One small suggestion for games like these where there can be a bit of dialogue between the action is to have some filler movement for the downtime for those that want to read everything and take their time (me :wink:).

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I wanted to improve my own experience with this game and figured I would share what I did if someone else is also interested.

So I found a 3.0 modded version from DCF2000 on another forum with english translation that looked interesting to me. Modded how? the only difference is the scenes, the suit is now more open as in her breasts and pussy are visible. Voice, moans, breath etc has also been added, which was something I thought the vanilla game lacked. However some of these scenes got some ear deafening screams - more on that later.

I also felt the visual quality was a bit poor so I extracted the .asar file collection and decided to upscale all the scenes myself using AI to 4K60FPS. Static scene images have also been upscaled and enhanced. Keep in mind that AI can not make very bad base quality content into 8K HDR quality but it’s still a massive improvement.

The EDI integration from the post starter is also included and the files that needed swapping have been swapped, so everything should just work no problem. Some comparisons of the upscales and you can also see the suit changes:

And now back to the screaming audio in some scenes that I would think is a very like or hate kinda thing. Some scenes (2 in particular) have some high pitched screams that I find horrible. I have no idea how to do audio so I decided instead to upscale both the modded (screamy) versions and the vanilla (no scream) versions.

However when scenes are switching between exposed suit to full suit, it can be a bit immersion breaking, so I personally only swapped 2 scenes back to vanilla. These scenes don’t really break immersion that much but these 2 modded scenes will destroy your ears, so for me personally I had to change them. I did include both versions of these scenes and all the other candidates so that you can decide for yourself which ones you want to use. Detailed README is included on how to go about this.


None of this would have happened if @vylon didn’t add device integration, which made me want to improve the experience, so if you feel like giving me a heart then give one to him first <3

I asked vylon if I could share it and he said it was fine.

If you want a fully vanilla experience with the old scenes and images just with english then you could probably take the files located in these folders and replace them all with the files from Vylons version (I have not tested this so I would make backups)



looks good to make a multi device variants.
such as DildoAnal, VibroBreast, SleeveVaginal

Im facing trouble with this. there is no such file on 3.0 to replace. and copying all the files from Resources folder just reverts game back to 2.4 and japanese…

You need to extract the .asar file in resources folder using 7zip with an .asar compatible addon. Then you go into app\tyrano\plugins and replace both kag and kag+ kag.tag_ext.js files, nothing else cause then you change out the english with japanese files I believe.

Oooor… you could download the modded 3.0 version that I shared above where all of that is done, and if you want only vanilla scenes then you can swap the scenes in the folders I have mentioned with the ones from Vylons version (Have not tested but it should work).

ive never tried out games b4, is there a quick guide how to connect the device to sync with the game? So far im just using init with Scriptplayer for vids

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It depends on what integrator is used, as there are a couple of them. In this case, Edi is used and it makes the process very simple.

If you are using The Handy then all you need to do is go into the main game folder and then the EdiDemo folder, launch Edi.exe and enter your handy key. I find quitting and starting the program again after doing this works best, and if you have The Handy in WiFi mode then Edi should pick it up right away when you start it up again. Make sure the script is selected in the right menu and then launch the game and you are good to go.

im using the vorze piston via BT =/

Never heard of that one :sweat_smile: not sure if Edi supports it or not, maybe @dimnogro could help more here as he created the program.

Edit: You could try and download just the EdiDemo folder from the post starter as you can choose what folders to download there and then check if it can find your device :+1:

it should work because it is supported by buttplug.io and it connects to edi.


Any chance of reuploading the file to gofile.io?

Re-uploading it now, its pretty slow though, maybe because I don’t have gofile premium but I will edit my post and update the link tomorrow when I wake.

Added now

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Do you think you could send me the folder with the named videos to modify the funscripts?
I want to make multi device versions but the names of the videos in the data folder do not match

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All videos exist in the above path.
The funscript names are different because they are loaded in-game in different ways.
You can see from the names that the folder names are separated by a “-” sign.
You can create the script first, then rename the video file paths with a “-” separator.

I do this with a script and then convert it to a rename tool.
It’s a bit complicated, but it’s necessary to work without changing the game.

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