Script creators - what features are you missing?

We are looking for ways to improve script creation for SLR videos with @raser1 JoyFunScripter. Basically reviewing the whole processes and looking for ways to implement computer vision with machine learning tools for semi-automated creation. By the end of the day we expect script creator to do fine tuning of the script created by machine.

Looking for suggestions and engineers to join our team.

For the record we will be supportive of any other script editing software that wants to join forces for better scripting tools.


After the recent discussion the ability to add some sort of plagiarism controls would be nice. Also a undo function would be a great thing.


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A option to edit keys to your own liking (for example Ctrl+d to just z)
A option to put a timeframe (thin grey line for every second or so but only if the bar shows less than 10 seconds) in the scriptbar so you can get a feel for the movement speed of the machine.

And it might be useful as a learning method to be able to overlay a second script in a different color over the first one. When realcumber made some suggestions to improve my scripting i had to switch between his adaptations and my script to see what he changed and why. It would’ve been easier if i could’ve overlaid his changes over my script.
This might also be handy when editing a machine created script when you start shifting points the original stay visible in dark grey in the background so you can see what you changed and can copy that in similar situations in that script.

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When I stopped using JFS these were the main 2 issues for me:

  • Lack of undo / redo function
  • Inability to move the simulator when using VR mode so you don’t have to switch between view modes every time you want to do that. Maybe also an option to make a simulator flat since it starts to look really weird when it’s not near the center e.g. for missionary positions in VR

I totally agree on those two and free key assignments as also already mentioned.

A totally different thing is that I really like the idea of open source. Unfortunately my skills in C++ is so bad that I can’t help out with the OFS, but I do know C#, which I believe that JFS is using. It would have been nice to have the option to be able to contribute, but since it’s closed source that is not possible.

Not to derail this into a plagiarism focused thread - I feel you but I don’t think there are many ways to add something like this to simple text files without making them way more of a pain in the ass to use - say I buy a script and want to tweak it for my own personal use as an example and that is something I do. If scripts became locked down chiefly due to one accusation that turned out to be false, that wouldn’t be great.

Also, given that the aim of a script is to mimic whats happening on screen as closely as possible, two well made scripts for the same video will naturally look pretty damn similar. Combine that with the fact that plagiarism systems look for similarities as well as exact matches (and millions of dollars are put into those systems), it seems like it’s asking for trouble on the false positive front. It only really kind of works for the spoken word because there is so much variation in the spoken word, far more than in scripts.

That being said I do understand the desire to protect your work. I just think that in this specific space, the idea of doing so is pretty far away from the practical reality.

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I do agree with you entirely, but unfortunately I’m sure that will come up again. But in reality can we just have a undo and redo function please its murder when you misclick.

Option for a click noise every time the timelapse passes a point. Could be helpful when scrolling thru the video for sync issues.

Hotkey to skip 1 point. I’ve got autohotkey set up for this and it’s useful for parts with straight up and down movements. That way you can easily compare top or bottom points.

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I forgot to mention a button that automatically calculates the longest stroke and you can set the maximum mm/s you want to use. And adds it as a point for you. Would be great when scripting those really fast parts.

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I would like if the simulator value would also change, if i move a point up or down.

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Great idea!

I might have to get into autohotkey then if they work. Theres a few things ive thought of that would be useful, but for some reason streamdeck hotkeys just don’t do anything in jfs and ofs. So maybe also fixing whatever reason there is for streamdeck not working

Also i had a thought, for scripts timed to music, this might be too much of a niche function to ask for but having tried scripting to music and realising that even copy pasting a beat that looks in sync can be out by a few ms because the points are snapped to a frame, and then it drifts out of sync. A way to auto add points based on a user definable bpm would be useful, so you can then just the click through each point and set a value, and know that copy/pasting is accurate. It’d be way easier to put out music based scripts with this, ive basically not bothered doing any because of this disconnect between frame rate and standard music bpm.

OFS has that already btw :slight_smile:

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Oh cool, will have to check that out. Thanks