Script edits

Since I find most scripts here too intense but at the don’t have time/energy to script right now, I usually download and modify the script to my liking.

Sometimes I also post these edits in a comment. The question is what do you think about this? I really appreciate all scripting efforts and don’t want to discourage anyone to script - quite the opposite.

And does anyone see and use the script edits? I get some likes but not sure if they are used. If you use them - are there better ways of posting/describing them than posting with a heatmap?

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I don’t see how posting a less intense version in the comments would discourage anyone from scripting.

Also at least in scriptplayer, you can slow down the speed to reduce intensity mostly automatically.

Good to hear.

It’s not just about stroke length and speed but script style in general. Most scripters seem to prefer a style with more contrast between strokes and more wiggle. Quality scripts, most of the time, just a different style with more stimulation and less realism than I want.

I use the awesome stash app. Hope they add more controls for interactive vids. modify script add the script click handy or something to limit it

as for the rest of that idk

Script edits in the comments should always be welcomed and encouraged. We’re all unique and special and have different things we like. We’re all just masturbating snowflakes. Having many alternate versions of a script means it’s more likely that there’s something for everyone. This is one of the ways that EroScripts is much more important than just a tube site that lets you stream scripted vids.

I think making it more clear that script edits are a welcome addition to posts would encourage more people to take up scripting. It’s much less intimidating to make a few tweaks to an existing script that you like than it is to start from scratch. I have yet to see anyone who has a problem with script edits, and if they do they’re probably in the wrong place anyway.

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