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Script fails to download to handy error

Hey Team,

Trying to use for local video playback, but keep getting this error:

Failed to download script to Handy: Machine timeout

I have gotten these scripts to work before.

I can go to handyfeeling and get the sync check video to play, but their player wont work either.
I am running version 3.04 of handy.

Anyone else having this issue?

unsure if this is related or not Site maintenance beginning July 3 [COMPLETE] - #23 by ZANDORF


Thanks for the reply dude. Not related to my issue tho. However I think I just solved the issue now.

I downgraded handy back to firmware version 2. Still same issue. I then downloaded firmware 3.04 again, and the handy is back working like normal. (local playback working and DeoVR working fine on Quest 2)

A simple reset/reboot seems to have fixed the issue?

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