Script Player Error on 40% of scripts

Script player works with the handy for the majority of scripts, but some of them (couldn’t find any pattern for error) gives me problems and does not load the script, but does load the video. There is parity for video and funscript filenames, as well as no unusual characters. I haven’t found any meaningful pattern as to why some does not work, as I get errors for short and long scripts. I am using latest handy firmware and latest Script Player version.

Anybody had this problem and found a solution?

Are you creating scripts? I had a similar issue at one point caused by OFS project files having the same name. Scriptplayer was trying to load the project instead of the script. Solved by adding the following to scriptplayer.


no i’m not creating anything :(. my settings came default with those format preferences

Do you get any error message? When you load a video and there is no script for it, it usually says something like “Couldn’t find a matching script for XX video.”

Is there anything else in the folder with the same name?

Have you copied the name from the video directly to the script? (Right click video → change name → ctrl+a → ctrl+c → right click the script → change name → ctrl+v) To make sure there actually named the same. Maybe there is a space somewhere in between, which is hard to see. Then there is a difference between the names and ScriptPlayer cannot load the script in.

I don’t have any issues with ScriptPlayer. Try loading a video, then drag the script in to SP. If the script loads, you may want to make sure the location of your scripts are in the “Paths” setting. ScriptPlayer needs to knows where to look for your scripts.

If the script doesn’t load, try playing the video/script in another player like HandyControl or on If the script doesn’t work on other players, there may be an issue with the script itself.

i dont have any error message come up as it does still find the matching script somehow. However, i found the solution by changing the filename to something shorter and simpler, which did the trick.

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