Script player video playback jittery?

Hi Guys,

Wondering if someone might know why this is happening.

For the odd video i am finding that script players playback is quite jittery. The video doesnt seem smooth at all?

If i run the video through VLC or something similar it is fine. This occurs on perhaps 10 to 20% of the videos i try to watch.

Any help would be appreciated

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Whats your setup first of all ? Gear …CPU … Application / software ?

This is 10-20% of the times with videos downloaded from ES ? or Links from ES ?

@carlo.tonyiso Seems like a codec issue OR DirectShow issue (possibly Hardware related but see below).

Do you have the correct codecs downloaded? (K-lite, LAV filters, or Widows HEVC)
Make sure DirectShow is toggled off in the Deo/SLR app settings.

If it is working via VLC then I don’t think it is a hardware limitation but I could be wrong. Probably need to see those as mentioned by DarkJ if the above two have been done.

I used to run into this issue. For me it was videos encoded H.265. I started re-encoding them with H.264 first with VLC (very slow) then with Handbrake (much quicker) and that solved my jitter issues.

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Just curious why don’t you download the proper codec?

You can get them for free and you wont need to convert your videos ever again once installed onto your computer. You also loose quality every time you re-encode and/or are likely increasing the file size.

H.265 (AKA HEVC) codec is available through klite or LAV filters for free or on the windows store for a few $$.

I can’t remember if I tried the LAV codecs but the K-Lite ones did not improve playback.

When you downloaded klite did you turn off directshow? I had the same issue until I turned it off in the DEO/SLR settings.

Otherwise it is most likely some other settings issue. I could be wrong but klite also has a utility tool of some sort a while back when I was looking around.

I will probably mess around with both of those codec packs in the near future to see if I can get them to work. Thanks for the tip.

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ScriptPlayer 1.1.1
Intiface Desktop 27.0.0

HP Elitedesk 8th Gen i7/16GB Mem/NVME SSD

I do download alot of the videos using Video Download Helper so maybe this has something to do with it?

I was using LAV filters but switched to KLite to test and it didnt make a difference.

I should note this is just for 2D videos as i havent tried VR yet… should get onto that sometime.

Using bluetooth connectivity mode with intiface acting as the pass through. The sync is absolutely spot on and the video jittering was occuring when i had used wifi with handycontrol in anycase.

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