Scripters - Reasons for lack of non VR JAV?

I noticed there seems to be a lack of non vr Jav across scripts in general. Is the reason because no one wants to cut up individual scenes since the whole movie is usually 3-4 hours long? Or are there more reasons for the lack of non vr scripts? Maybe lack of interest?

Some possible reasons from my perspective:

  • Scripting complexity
    2D JAV usually has a lot of camera angle changes, so it messes with the motion tracking. A lot of times a scene has to be broken down into lots of smaller chunks so the motion tracking doesn’t fail midway. On the other hand VR stuff usually has a single camera angle per sex position.
    Censoring the genitals also messes with motion tracking, this can somewhat be avoided by doing pattern recognition on other body parts, but the stroke intensity & offset needs to be manually adjusted to better match with what’s actually happening. This is an extra layer of work.

  • Story v.s. action balance
    Although most non-VR JAV videos are at least 2 hours long, they usually focus on storybuilding, with brief moments of action scattered throughout. The typical structure is 10~30 minutes of storytelling → 1 minute sex, looped a couple of times. So just when you’re about to come, the video switches over to the actress performing a 10 minute soliloquy… not very enjoyable unless you like fapping to drama or if you’re REALY invested in the storyline.

Duration is one aspect; on the other hand, JAVs usually have complex camera movements, which doubles the time required to create a script. In addition,the action in real-life videos are random and have a lot of details. If it is a multi-axis script, it will be even more difficult.

There is a japanese funscript forum, I haven’t been there in a while so I can’t recall it by name, it’s a japanese demographic and its completely JAV and Hentai. It’s a bigger archive than eroscripts.


Would be interesting if we could find that, definitely interested in more 2d Jav

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If you ever recall the site, I would be interested in it, too.

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Same, if you ever find it, please let us know what its called.

Let me know too, if you remember it.
My favorite is full episode hentai.