Scripting haptics for audio (hypno) files

So I’ve been through a few posts on here looking at what you are all using to create your scripts, but it seems it’s all for scripting Handy like devices for video.

I am trying to create haptic (vibration) files for audio. So when listening to the audio hypnosis file you get to “feel” the action described. It’s done really well on - and the scripts are incredible. If you have a vibration type device I would suggest you check out Control Room Inside Your Mind - it’s a masterclass in haptic scripting!

Anyway, how would I create a script for this? I know .funscript files support it as all the Shibby ones are funscripts json - e.g. {“at”:406891,“pos”:36},{“at”:407604,“pos”:15}.
Interesting part about that is the “position” here relates to strength of vibration. So maybe it doesn’t even NEED to be a vibration specific file.

Let me know what you would use for this.

You could check with the creators of vibration scripts here by tagging them in your posts. There seems to be more than one tag for vibration scripts though.

I also moved this post to General since you aren’t providing any app or software.

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Update: Seems everyone uses OFS - but it’s really not ideal for this. You don’t need to see the video, just the audio tracks (left and right) and you won’t need the positioning thing, just a strength indicator. Some haptic scripters have developed their own tools for this - that allow for repeating patterns (waves, saw edges, etc).

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