Scripting homemade fuck machine

Hi. I am completely new to this kind of topics so please forgive me any misunderstandings. I have created homemade fuck machine for my girlfriend. It was made with nema stepper motor and 3d printed parts. It is controlled by python script and WGUI made by me. The only two controlable parameters are speed and stroke. It is simple. You can connect to it using wifi than go to its ip address and you can control it using two range sliders and off and on button. Nothing fancy. But i would love to sync it to the video for full fucking experience. I came across funscript just yesterday and from the info i could find it is possible to sync the player with supported toys. Where can I start and what tools can i use to control nema stepper motor with funscripts? Thank you in advance!

A good place to begin : Buttplug Sex Toy Control Project

As funscript player you could use MultiFunPlayer - multi axis funscript player from @Yoooi. I remember someone asked using multiple devices, over, with the MultiFunPlayer. The MultiFunPlayer can also connect to remote devices over TCP/IP but I don’t know if this is only used by the VAM integration…

Maybe something to start with is also @Tempest 's discord (Tempest MAx is creating Homebuild Multi Axis Stroker Robots | Patreon). If your device can be controlled either with or TCode you should be able to play funscripts with one of the players.

It is just a raw nema stepper motor. I dont think that buttplug will be able to controll it. But thanks anyway!

Yes, if you want to use buttplug, you’ll have to write a ‘driver’ to make it work. If it’s connecting via usb serial, the easiest way is probably to implement TCODE Toy code ("T-code") | STPIHKAL: Sex Toy Protocols I Have Known And Loved so buttplug already knows how to control it.

Also, if you don’t want a lot of features at all… you could make your own video player pretty trivially. Funscript is straight forward and easy to parse and execute the commands via your interface as you play a video back in a window.

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