Scripting lots of strokes of one direction (hands only stroking upwards)

I’m currently scripting this video:

In several places (including 1:00 mark, linked) she only strokes up and as one hand leaves the tip the other hand starts again at the base. I found this post from Husky with some info on this type of stroke but there are no gaps for any sort of quick reset as her hands are constantly moving upwards so I’m wondering what approach is best.

I’m thinking either insert points when either hand is at the tip and then put a point halfway between each pair of points with the position being where that hand is at that time, although this would mean approximately half length strokes.
Or ignore one of the hands completely and have full strokes, with the device moving in the opposite direction of the ignored hand.

Is there an accepted best practice or does anyone have any thoughts?

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This is a bit extreme and sections like this can sometimes be a reason for not bothering scripting the video, especially if it happens many times like in this one. However, there are alternatives when dealing with this kind of sections in a video.

In general, when there are only a few repetitions you can try splitting the full range by dividing it by the number of repetitions. Three upward strokes could be scripted as 40% up (from the very bottom), 10% down until next upward stroke starts. Then repeat 40% up 10% down three times. The downward motion of 10% doesn’t feel much and you could even try 20% if there is a wider gap between the upward movements. The important part is that the downward movement must be as slow as possible to minimize the immersion breaking effect a filler stroke has.

Sometimes you can “hide” filler strokes in cock movement, allowing for longer fillers, e.g. if the girl is shifting angle of the penis in between the strokes. By syncing the fillers with the penis movement the filler doesn’t break the immersion as much as if there was no movement at all.

This time it’s a bunch of repetitions (12-13), all going upwards with little to no pause in between, so I would say that you can’t really avoid longer filler strokes going down. It is also very hard to avoid rather fast downward movements in this case. Try using a bit of the beginning of the upward movement for the filler as well as the minimal pause that is there in between the strokes just to get a bit more time for the filler stroke. Maybe you can move far enough down without completely immersion breaking speeds downwards. Try using maybe 50 up, 40 down strokes. It might work for 9-10 repetions and then you need a few 40 up, 40 down for a couple stokes since 50/40 will reach the top before she is done with her upward stroking. Using 50/40 will gradually move the 50% stroke range from bottom to top. Many will probably see this as immersion breaking anyway.

You really need to experiment with timing and stroke lengths and see what might work, i.e. what feels decent enough and doesn’t break the immersion completely. If 50/40 doesn’t work then try 40/30 and see if a shorter filler fits better. Test different amounts of how much you steal from the beginning of the upward stroke for the downward stroke before it feels out of sync etc.

Personally, I would just look for another video to script. The reason is that about 6:30 min you have about 3-4 times as many strokes going in the same direction (although altering direction after 5-15 strokes in the same direction). That section will be even harder to find something that works other than long, and probably fast, filler strokes of the same length in the opposite direction.

I’d try interrupting the upstroke as her other hand moves downward to link the down stroke to that visually, and not let it go to a full stroke. You could try narrowing the peaks so the direction change happens at a consistent speed. Keeping the toy moving at the speed her hand is moving visually should help hide the direction not matching. I always try to keep things like this that can’t be accurate gentle, so they don’t stand out by also punching you in the junk trying to defy the laws of physics.

Thanks very much for the advice, I definitely want to avoid any fast motion as it is during a slow recovery phase of the video, I’ll do some experimenting as I really like this video and want to make a script even if it has some reality breaking bits in it.

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