Scripting Preview Videos?

Has anyone ever considered scripting the free preview videos? Or is that taboo?

I used to do this with the Microsoft Expression Coder when I used the RealTouch and it was fun to download preview vids and set scripts to them. It was an endless pool of free content. The creators always knew how to make the best parts available to entice you to sign up to their paysites so it worked really well.

i wouldnt do one, but i doubt it is a taboo.
if you want to do them go ahead. If i did make one and wanted to post it here i would put free preview video in the title
and explain it a second time in de text area.

I mean, that would totally be do-able and I don’t see why there would be any ethical issue (these are given away for free!). I personally have no interest in doing these but if somebody did a string of them it could be cool. The one issue I have is that I recall several of them having a ton of filler, particularly at the beginning.

I did one of these myself. Personally I’m all for it as they are available for free so no piracy issues. Heres a link to the one I did.

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