ScriptPlayer does not work properly

Am I the only one who is having trouble with ScriptPlayer?

Recently, there has been an issue where videos and scripts cannot be played only when the Video Player type is set to “Local” in ScriptPlayer.
If you set the VideoPlayer type to “Whirligig” and use it with Quest3 VD, script playback is possible.

script player is old as shit at this point and not even updated anymore. Just switch to another one is my recommendation

Last official release was 1 year ago, last repo update and beta release was 6 months ago. It just has small fixes being made.

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Mine is still working with local video, may be an issue with your installation. Try reinstalling, maybe with the latest beta if you don’t have it.

Direct link to the latest version-

It works fine.

I’m running 1.2.0. Haven’t encountered such issue.

You can submit your issue here

Also @Liquid

I’m sorry for the late reply even though I wrote it.
And to everyone who responded. thank you.

In conclusion, my PC environment was in an abnormal state.
For those who encounter a similar situation in the future, I would like to write here that the problem was resolved by reinstalling Windows Media Player.