Scripts and videos for toys like the lovense edge 2


I’ve owned the lovense edge 2 for roughly a month now and am struggling to find content for it. I’ve mainly had success with ShibbySays now that she has made content specifically for the edge 2. However, her content is audio based, and I’m looking for videos that can be viewed in sync whilst using the edge 2. Specifically, I am hoping to find futanari content that has scripts for the edge 2, but pegging content is more than welcome as well.

I do realize majority of funscripts on this website are made for strokers like the Handy so this is just a long shot to see if similar minded people can point me in the right direction.

Are there any resources for videos that have been scripted specifically for toys like the edge 2?

Are there programs which are able to (automatically) script videos for the edge 2?

Thanks in advance.


Not to redirect the conveesation, but I have a lovesense edge 1, which I assume would work just like the 2. Could you point me in the direction of where the Shibby says files are and what program you use to run it?

Edit: I just purchased a usb dongle from Lovense to connect my edge to my PC and downloaded Intaface. Once I get the dongle in the mail I will try it out and see if I can connect intiface to multifunplayer and see how script patterns work with the device and if it all goes well I may give it a shot and make something.

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I read from one of the users here to utilize scripts that have a multi axis tag on them, but i might be wrong.

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hello sorry for the late reply!
to find her audio files that work with lovenses toys, this basically encompasses all her files that work with sex toys thus far. Do keep in mind some were made for strokers while others for toys like the edge.

I personally use scriptplayer in tandem with Initiface to play the files and sync my lovense edge. Do let me know about your experience with Multifunplayer.

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I’ll take a look at it tonight, thanks!

Can you share a script that works well on your device? It may be possible to write some sort of conversion process.

hello, an example of a script that works pretty well would be this.

The script syncs up pretty well with my edge 2 and the accompanying audio.

This script works very well whit edge 2


I’ll check it out, thanks!

I got the dongle in the mail today and decided to play around and see how scripting worked with the edge. From what I was able to test it seems the funscript goes from High (10) being the lowest amount of vibration and Low (0) being the highest amount of vibration. I downloaded this POV strapon video and made a short script to test out the segments she is pegging if you would like to try it out.
Watch pov strapon - Peaches, Peachhes, Femdom Porn - SpankBa.funscript (9.9 KB)
I haven’t been able to figure out how to connected intiface with multifunplayer yet, but I was hoping it might open up some insight as to if one axis could control the prostate vibration and another axis might control the other motor that is not insertable. I also discovered it seems once the vibration starts it never stops at any point during the length of the script, which would be great if it could be stopped without pausing. However, if you think this type of script is something that works for you, I could see making some future scripts designated to the lovense insertable toys. I don’t know if there are many women on this forum using funscripts in this manor, but it could be something worth making for them.

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Hey there, have you tried inverting the script? some people have told me inverting would allow the highest amt of vibration to 10, whilst 0 would be the lowest.

Regarding the vibrator not stopping once the script starts, I have noticed that as well, which gets me wondering how haptic audio files like the ones I have mentioned above and these can be programmed to start and stop in accordance with the audio playing. It is worth noting that these haptic files are in the form of .json or .txt and not .funscript.

Regarding the video, I will try it out this weekend and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the work you’ve done thus far.

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I prefer vibrator based toys, and create two scripts for each video - one targeted at strokers, and another for vibrators and plugs. I also find the vibrator ones work best for the lovense max. The mods here have created a tag for vibrator scripts - #for-vibrator-toys

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feels like the edge isn’t a very popular vibrator toy… really tough to find scripts dedicated to it.

thanks for the tag, will take a look

I’m also into vibrating toys - Edge 2, Gush and some others.
What I mainly use is a forked version of fun script player -
That I added a vibration convertor. Works great.

Another good option is FapTap - also has a nice vibration support, not perfect but gets the job done :wink:

If you need help setting it up let me know.

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hey I just tried the script and it’s honestly not bad haha, thanks for making one!

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I didn’t put much effort into that script other than used open fun scripter and the ability to map movement and just cleaned it up a bit by inverting the script and lengthening the high and low points. As long as it worked for you then I know I am on the right track. I tried it and thought it was ok. Since the toy is always vibrating, finding the right amount of Lowest to Highest in the short amount of time feels like a thrust. I’ll keep an eye out for some videos I like that are futa or otherwise and see what comes of it.

I think matching the thrusts to the video playing is the hardest part but usually what makes it more immersive (for me at least).

For futa videos, might I suggest some options?

this or this by Theobrobine

this by Tabuley

this by Skello

this by Jackerman

Of course i have no idea what you kind of futa videos you might like so I will be patiently waiting for your script. Thanks so much for helping!!

So I have learned some new things. I was able to get Multifunplayer to work with the edge and I can control both motors separately. This means I can make a script for Axis V1 (pump) the inserted vibrator and V0 (vib) the non inserted vibrator. If you want to try and sync your device to the Multifunplayer, it opens up a whole new world of vibration patterns. However I am still running into the problem of the edge toy not turning off once it has gotten to part in the funscript that is actually scripted. If that could be solved we would be in a better position. These are the 2 scripts I made for the Selina Kyle video you posted above. If you remove the word pump in the file name it will just be a funscript that you could run in script player, but the other file is meant to be run with it in multifunplayer if that makes any sense.
Selina.vib.funscript (13.4 KB)
Selina.pump.funscript (19.0 KB)

Sorry the scripts aren’t much more than thrusts, I am just trying out new things right now. Let me know if you need any help.


Downloaded and managed to set up Multifunplayer and I now get what you mean about the device vibrating nonstop even after the scripted parts are over.

The scripts are pretty good and work nicely in the two axis, nice to have accurate thrusting that can be mirrored by the edge 2, so thank you for that.

I will try meddling and researching to see if I can figure out a solution for the nonstop vibrations. Thanks again for the scripts!

edit: saw a post related to the vibrating issue and this was the response given, maybe you’re able to better comprehend what he means?

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Glad you were able to get the multifunplayer connected. Sounds like you had an easier time than I had. I had to get Yoooi involved actually to help me figure out how to map the motors. I will keep an eye out for more content to script and see if anything comes up about fixing the motor stop issue.

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