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Scripts at work

Hello everybody,

I noticed that there are more and more scripters. First one :+1: for it. But there is now more danger than before that more than one will be working on the same title. To prevent that from happening, I would like to start this thread. I know we already have a paid title list, but it’s outside the search engine, that sucks.

I would keep it simple, but still meaningful:

Performer - video title (maybe the studio)
Link to the video


Bambi Brooks - Chris Strokes, the Plumber, Gets his Pipe Cleaned (Dont Fuck My Daughter)

What do you think about it ?

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are you talking about a naming scheme specifically for the paid script posts?

Oh. Did I “steal” your work? Sry. :wink: I usually write a “/mark as WIP” or something like that in the requests that I work on. So I don’t necessarily need it for that, but for “non request” work, that wouldn’t be bad, of course.

For all kind of scripts. But important for me are the free ones. I don’t do VR Scenes, what are the biggest part of paid scripts.

Nobody steals here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I usually don’t do requested scripts and a lot of other too.

I just have concerns that some people here are duplicating work. It happend in the past. That can be frustrating …

For Example, atm I work on those 6 scripts:

Raylene - I don’t think your penis is too small (Taboo Handjobs)

Maitresse Madeline - JOI

Bryci - Window Head

Haley Ryder - Fuck and BJ

Addie Andrews - Aunt Addie Cooler Than Your Mother (Family Manipulation)

Nikita Bellucci - French Girl’s Anal Fantasy (Mofos)

I can’t focus only on one, that kills my motivation :nerd_face:

I’m pretty sure @mADsCRIPTS is talking about having a publicly-accessible list of all the scripts that people are working on.
So if a scripter wants to start working on a script, they can first check this thread to make sure they’re not about to start working on something that someone else might already be halfway through.

I think it’s a good idea, although I’m not sure a thread is the best way to go about it, since someone might say “I’m working on XYZ”, but it might take them several weeks and by the time someone else comes to check, it might be quite far back in the post history, behind a bunch of posts that are exclusively of finished scripts.

I could write a little script that scans this thread for posts every day and updates the first post with a ‘master list’ of in-progress scripts. It would be everyone’s responsibility to make sure their posts are well-formatted so that the bot can pick them up though (using the format mADsCRIPTS outlined in his first post), and also to update their posts when they complete / abandon a script - probablky by prepending “COMPLETE” or “ABANDONED” to the video name, or just removing it…